Avène Hydrance – Night Time Skin Essentials

Since leaving my stable 9 to 5 almost five years ago, I’ve found myself with the constant and incessant need to be doing something during every waking moment of my days. Needless to say that falling asleep sometimes can be just as daunting when your mind wanders off onto several tangents completely ignoring what it should actually be focused on… View Post

From Seed to Skin // A Visit to the Jurlique Farm

Amongst all the hectic projects I was working on towards the end of 2018 – a visit to the 42-hectares Jurlique Farm in South Australia to create and share the beauty behind the brand was amongst them. It was all a little crazy how the year ended and to be offered the opportunity to head to such a tranquil and… View Post

An Enchanted Christmas with THE BODY SHOP

With less than six weeks till Christmas (yes, it’s frightening – I know) it’s time to get a jump on holiday gift planning. The last thing you want is to be fighting an elderly grandmother for parking at your local shopping center.   I was lucky enough to preview The Body Shop’s Enchanted Forest inspired collection last week and let… View Post


When you think about places you’ve visited, cafes you’ve frequented and stores you’ve meandered through… what’s the first thing you notice aside from what you visually see? That’s right… your olfactory senses kick in and we notice the smell of a place…instantly. Ever wondered why we love Subway so much but when we get our hands on a foot long,… View Post

Going Blonde with Aveda’s Full Spectrum Demi+ Colour

I’m going to let you guys in on a secret… I’m not a natural blonde.   You’re all probably thinking – duh, who died and made her Captain Obvious? –But I’ve spent the last two years chasing after the perfect shade of blonde. Now, any Asian sister out there will understand how hard it is to maintain colour jobs and… View Post

Beauty from the Inside Out with Swisse

Glowing skin, shiny hair and strong healthy nails are all elements of our outer beauty that we as women strive for perfection. In reality what we’re faced  (get it?) with is bad acne, puffy eyes, dark circles and excessive hair loss.   I was recently asked to talk about how my skin journey has changed throughout my adolescence through to… View Post

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