Wanderlust Festival Sunshine Coast 17′ With Aveda

And just like that our long weekend in the Sunshine Coast for Wanderlust Festival (Nov 9th-12th) has come to an end. Aveda Wanderlust Festival 2017As I sit in my office dreaming about my first early morning SUP yoga experience I’m reminded of how thankful I am of all the opportunities I get. This year, Aveda was an official sponsor for the event and I couldn’t think of a better brand to align itself with the festival focused on the core message of mindful living.


Aveda Wanderlust Festival Beauty Bar


The weekend promised a variety of activities, talks and experiences for all age groups and even catered for this heavily pregnant girl! I brought one of my best friends up with me for a weekend of pampering and relaxation. Each day we were spoilt with an appointment at the Aveda Beauty Bar; so having fabulous looking hair wasn’t a concern of ours but rather what new activities we were going to try. Wanderlust Festival 2017, Camilla With Love


Morning yoga sessions on the beachfront, trying yoga on a stand-up paddleboard were just a few of the new experiences we tried and conquered. I know what you’re thinking, yes – I managed to do a warrior stance on the board without embarrassing myself with an accompanying splash in the lagoon. I would definitely love to come back next year sans pregnant belly and try some of the other activities like the aerial yoga and waterfall hikes that I sadly had to pass on for obvious reasons. When putting on sneakers becomes a chore and lower back pain becomes your BFF there is very little you can do besides enjoying the ride.


Aveda Wanderlust Festival 2017

Aveda Wanderlust Festival 2017 Breakfast


I’m sharing a few snaps from our weekend and my v-log; with a full demonstration on how my stylist Rory Calasse from the Mineral Lifestyle Salon team achieved my dream Cara Delevingne side-braid with Mohawk look. I couldn’t braid to save my life but I’m hoping you gifted individuals out there can recreate this look for an event from watching this!



Don’t forget to also check out my styling post on how to use the new Aveda Texture Tonic and create the ultimate summer beach textured hair here


Wanderlust Festival 2017, Camilla With Love Side Braid, Wanderlust Festival 2017, Aveda Beauty Bar


Aveda Beauty Bar, Wanderlust Festival 2017


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  • hey i love the faux mohawk hairstyle thats so cute. looks like you had a lot of fun!

  • You are just glowing Helen! This looks like the best festival, I wish we had it over in Perth. I absolutely love Aveda, they are so so good! The perfect match for Wanderlust.
    xx Jenelle

  • Venus Fitness And Lifestyle

    Looks like a very cool festival to be a part of. looks like you had a lot of fun and the food looked delish.

  • Alicia Taylor

    That looks like an amazing weekend! I think I’d miss the morning yoga the most – but it looks like Aveda did a wonderful job.

  • Luci Cook

    Oh how fun. I went to Aveda school and it was a great experience.

  • Looks like such a fun festival! Love that they pamper you from the top of your head to the bottom of your soul.

  • Claire Lee

    The festival looks so fun! I’d go just because of all the food and instagrammable things they have haha!

  • I have wanted to go to a wanderlust festival! I’m thinking of the one in Whistler next August! It looks like yogi heaven =o)


  • Such a fun day you have with Aveda. I wish there is one in KL too

  • Lisa

    Sounds like an awesome event to attend.