The Urban Weekender Presented by Shop Small

If there is one thing that is consistently on my mind from the moment I drearily peel my eyes open every morning to the point where my head crashes into my memory foam pillow at night – it’s food. My partner draws an astonishing similarity between our male whippet, Billy and myself. Without a doubt he is food motivated and with my bubba growing each day, my appetite for food has not subsided in the slightest.


Urban Weekender Sydney, Bondi Hardware, Bottomless Rose Lunch, Shop Small Campaign
Bottomless Rose Lunch, Bondi Hardware

So what’s a girl to do when all she can think about is how to indulge herself with five square meals a day? Two words – foodie weekend. Luckily for me I was offered the opportunity to experience a sneak peek of the Urban Weekender (November 4th–5th) presented by Shop Small to experience some of the exclusive offers that local businesses have curated. Whether you want to shop, wine or dine your weekend away; there will be something for everyone. The best part of all this is that no matter how small the business is, they all accept American Express and you’ll be getting some special VIP offers too. As someone who prefers to pay and earn points with my plastic, this is music to my ears.


Urban Weekender, Bondi Hardware, Shop Small
Bondi Hardware

One of my favourite brunch spots in the east, Bondi Hardware, is offering American Express Card Members their famous Bottomless Rosé Lunch for just $65 per person with two hours’ worth of Crazy Tropez French rosé and sangria. Of course I had the non-alcoholic sangria but I can confirm my brother thoroughly enjoyed himself a glass of rosé and way too much food. 

Urban Weekender Sydney, Milky Lane, Shop Small
Golden Gaytime Waffle Sticks, Milky Lane

We rolled out of Bondi Hardware in search of dessert and found ourselves at Milky Lane admiring The Last Supper mural with all of hip hops greatest stars whilst wolfing down the Golden Gaytime Waffle Sticks. With all the Belgian Chocolate and gaytime crumbly goodness, is there anything else better?


The Butler was also on our hit list and whilst enjoying our Ruby Tuna Tostada and Mexcal Mai Tai (only $35), we enjoyed an uninterrupted view of the city. Of course the feasting didn’t just stop there and no feast would be complete without a table overflowing with Instagrammable food. It’s not only good to look at but tastes pretty freaking amazing.


I’ve put together a little list of places you can visit if you find yourself short on ideas of what to do and where to go below. Treat yourself and a friend on the first weekend of November and check out what your local favourite is doing for The Urban Weekender – and best of all, you’re helping support small businesses.


Urban Weekender Presented by Shop Small


Urban Weekender Sydney, The Butler, Shop Small
Ruby Tuna Tostada, Mezcal Mai Tai, The Butler

Surry Hills

  • The Butler (featured) – enjoy the famous Ruby Tuna Tostadas & Mezcal Mai Tai for just $35 (RRP $44).
  • Darlo Country Club – indulge yourself in the most affordable banquet for dinner at just $40 per person and includes a free cocktail.
  • The Soda Factory – definitely next on my list is the Fried Chicken Mac Cone which is essentially a waffle cone stuffed with 4 types of Mac n Cheese topped with Fat Bubba’s Fried Chicken Poppers. I think I’ll be clocking in a few extra hours at the gym after that.
  • Dead Ringer – sadly something I won’t be able to enjoy but all the more reason for you to go experience it for me where you’ll have an Australian cheese platter for 2 with a carafe of Aussie wine for just $45 after 9pm.



Urban Weekender Sydney, Milky Lane Bondi, Shop Small
Golden Gaytime Waffle Sticks, Milky Lane
  • Bondi Hardware (featured) – splurge on a bottomless Rose Lunch at just $65 per person with unlimited Rose and sangria whilst pigging out on a set banquet.
  • Drake Eatery – get out into the sunshine and enjoy $10 Aperol Spritzes and $2 oysters.
  • Milky Lane (featured) – give yourself a heart attack with the Golden Gaytime Waffle Sticks that come covered in Belgian Chocolate goodness, gaytime crumbs and a salted caramel thickshake to wash it all down with.


If you’re not hungry yet then there’s something seriously wrong with you – or maybe you’re just not craving like this pregnant girl. Oh and before I forget, this is happening across the country in case non-Sydney siders are having serious FOMO. So if you’re an American Express Card Member, check out what Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth also have on offer!


This post has been created in collaboration with Shop Small (American Express).

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  • OMG Love all those endless options! One of the few things my husband and I have in common is our love for food – and we’ve spent way too much time eating together over the years LOL. I love my Amex and supporting small businesses – I always try to shop small when I can. Thanks for sharing your delicious food journey! YUM!

  • Amanda N Dustin Smith

    It’s so great that you got a sneak peak of Urban Weekender and even better that you can get discounts using American Express. Milky Lane and their waffle sticks had my sugar addicted self checking how many days are left on my cleanse. Pregnancy definitely keeps food at the top of your mind at all times! This would have been a dream for me when I was expecting! The Butler sounds phenomenal and I’d love to have their tostadas! Um… a fried chicken mac cone? I. Just. Need. I love shopping and dinning small so thank you for introducing to some amazing places to dine!

    Manda |

  • christine

    I am a total foodie too and by foodie I mean I love food! Haha. I love events like this were you can taste from many different restaurants. All of the food and desserts sound amazing and I wish I could visit there and taste it all! American Express is actually my go-to card and even for my husband who owns his own business, we always use American Express. It’s great that they are supporting small and local businesses. Enjoy all these delicious meals and thanks for the video too! xoxo, Christine

  • jacqueline

    You know I’m a foodie and this sounds amazing! Bottomless rosé? I would be in some serious trouble. All of the food looked so good! Can they bring this to the PNW??

  • Jill Wright

    How good to know you are a foodie too!! I literally plan my weekend around what I will be eating and drinking. Luckily, I also love the gym ;-). I’ve been meaning to try Bondi Hardware and now you have just given me the perfect excuse.

    Thanks for sharing!

    J. x

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    FOOD!!! That’s something constantly on my mind to be honest!! I love food too much and I love nice food. I won’t settle for a meal with average food just because I’m hungry, I need to fill my tummy with yummy food =) The urban weekender looks amazing! Can’t wait to check it out during December when I’m in Sydney =)

    xx, Jessie

  • Saint Facetious

    They’ve got something a bit like those waffles on a stick in some of the markets here in Prague (though not on a stick). Always served with nutella. Good stuff.

  • This seems like such an awesome event! I love all of the yummy food options that they have available. I would love to try those Belgian Waffle sticks. They sound delicious!

    ~xo Sheree

  • What an Amazing Event ohhh I am a Big FoodAholic lol:) Love Restaurants and Food:)
    Everything Looked Amazing and Loved the Video so much:)
    Getting Discounts while using American Express is sooo cool:)
    Thank you for sharing this Food Journey:)
    Still Obsessed with everything:)
    Love Kisses

  • Ahh i’m totally like you–completely food-motivated! Any one of these sounds like such a fun date night. Definitely need to bookmark some of these restaurants for when I next visit family in Sydney!

    I like how American Express always sponsors these fun food events and encourages cardholders to support small businesses! I’m already looking forward to Small Business Saturday at the end of the month!

    xx freshfizzle


    Such a nice pleasure to see you and your partner eating those delicious food. The pictures looking very nice and yummy . Il live to eat and drink 😉 for me it’s ok !
    Thanks for the many places

  • Candace

    Like yourself, I am a huge foodie and always down to try some new grub! Darlo Country Club definitely sounds like a must try, especially with that free cocktail! I’m with you on eating and also earning points with your plastic. Nothing beats that!

  • Lolly Chase

    I am a huge foodie as well and waking up to this post without having breakfast has brought on major cravings! Those waffle sticks – omg. Perfect breakfast food. Wish I was in Australia to attend! I’m sure you and your bubba had a fab time with all the food, take care and happy weekend!

    xx candi

  • Mariann Yip

    Your picks are great! I live in NYC and I am always searching for new places to dine/drink! Being a foodie is simply universal!

  • Loving those pictures! Supporting local businesses is the best! Thanks for sharing. xx

  • Lana Luu

    OMG, I’m so hungry right now that I can’t read it anymore! Ahaha, joking.
    I really love food and I love to discover new places: cafes/restaurants/bars and try something new. Your pictures look amazing, all the food seems so fresh and tasty!

  • Woow! What a cool event, I would loove to go to a similiar one. I love food, I mean ho doesn’t? Right 😀 Photography in here is amazing. I hope I wil visit some of the places in here.