Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials Every New Mom Needs

  It’s like an inescapable trigger but as soon as you mention to anyone that you’re pregnant – grandmas, seasoned moms, dads and even the friendly stranger in the elevator will try giving you unsolicited advice and telling you what you must absolutely buy for your newborn. We certainly had no shortage of recommendations from…


Why Buy The LG TWIN Wash

Being a new mum this last month has been the hardest and steepest learning curve for me. I dare say that I had more ease battling through my university degree than I have had adjusting to being a mother. The one thing that I did not expect was the amount of washing and rubbish that…

What is Vero?

Is VERO The New Instagram?

“What’s Vero?!” yelled Chris from the other room yesterday. NFI. At first I thought he was throwing new teen lingo at me that I wasn’t aware of – cementing my accelerated transition into a dowdy, uncool mom (I’m panicking as I write this). “It’s a new app that everyone’s talking about” he said and my…

Busting Baby Gender Myths

Busting Baby Gender Myths

For some couples finding out the gender of their child is the most exciting thing to look forward to in the early stages of pregnancy. This is followed closely by the excitement of furnishing the nursery before inevitably realizing that buying baby stuff can virtually send you broke. In fact, babies are expensive – period.…