Be Bold With Bugaboo x We Are Handsome

Bugaboo x We Are HandsomePeople have been so shocked to learn that just five days after Jacob was born, we took him out on a little trip to the local shopping center. Truth is, I’m not someone who can hermit away at home when I could be out and about; enjoying the sunshine and rejoining society. I feel the same about hiding my child from the big bad world and prefer to expose him early to his surrounds.

The one thing that we’ve had to adjust to with an additional being in our family is the extra time we need to allow when preparing ourselves for a day out. It never occurred to me that getting your newborn ready for a trip requires a surprising amount of planning and organization. He needs to be fed, burped and changed so that he’s happy in the car ride. His diaper bag needs to be packed and loaded with all the essentials, which basically means that your entire change station needs to come with you anywhere you go.

This bodes the question of how much can you actually bring and what is logistically feasible. Will everything fit in the pram and will the pram fit in the car is just a few of the questions that come to mind. As a new mum, I’m resolved to wanting only the best for my child; from the nappies he soils hourly, the clothes he wears and vomits all over to the pram that he snores his ass off in.

A pram is an investment that you make and with so many options on the market we made sure we did our due diligence before we made a commitment. It didn’t take us long before we settled on Bugaboo and headed into the closest baby store to check out what was on offer. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there was a collection that embodied boldness, confidence and strength. If you haven’t seen on my social accounts already, Bugaboo has collaborated with Australian designers We Are Handsome on not one but two accessory collections.

Bugaboo x We Are Handsome

Essential Things to Look for When Shopping for a Pram



The first collection features a tiger surrounded by lush, tropical leaves reminiscent of the jungle – where a tiger feels most at home, just like your child feels when they’re riding in the Bugaboo. The designers are known for their bold and unique aesthetic; which is what they have brought to their collaborative pieces. Any mother found with the tiger print is a path setter and doesn’t follow trends. She will feel empowered each time and others will marvel at how much their choice stands out in a crowd.

The second collection (a personal favourite) features an injection of colour to brighten up your day with neotropical birds. This collection definitely knows how to make a statement and mums can rest assured that both their baby and the pram will receive plenty of attention and adoration.

Of course the canopy prints aren’t the only thing that we as mothers should look for when shopping for the perfect pram – here are some of the essential things to look for when shopping for a pram.



Essential Things to Look for When Shopping for a Pram

Bugaboo x We Are Handsome


Prams are big and manoeuvring them can be a challenge so you want to ensure that you can easily move it out of tight spaces and can comfortably tip it back to mount curbs.


You want the front wheels to swivel effortlessly in all directions and larger wheels will be easier when you’re at curbs and stairs.


Adjustable Handle

This is important when you’re not the only one using the pram and having the height of the handle bar being adjustable will save a lot of back issues for taller parents. The best feature of the Bugaboo is that the handle bar direction can be adjusted allowing the rear wheels to be front for a smooth ride over any terrain, so from footpaths to grassy parks.


Collapsible Element & Size

Probably the most important in my opinion as the last thing you want to do is spend an eternity in the carpark trying to collapse a pram when your newborn is screaming bloody murder! Of course an obvious factor is size and your pram needs to fit in the boot of your car with extra space for shopping bags and other bits and bobs.


Bugaboo x We Are HandsomeEach of the white buttons on the Bugaboo pram has a function and it took me only a matter of seconds to collapse our Cameleon and get it into our car. I didn’t have to graduate with an engineering degree to learn how to collapse the contraption and so this is what you should look for when buying one for yourself.


Storage Space

Bringing a baby shopping can be a logistical nightmare when you have to bring both a bag for yourself as well as a bag containing half your change table. If you factor in the shopping you need to do when you’re out and about then you’ll want to make sure that not only does your pram have the space but can also withstand the additional weight.

Brakes & Safety

One of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a pram is, of course, safety. I guess that goes for anything you buy for your baby. Your pram should have at least one parking brake, and the release mechanism of it must be located so that it is not easily accessible to a child (not a huge problem for newborns seeing as they can barely hold their heads up). You should also try out the brakes before you purchase. The nifty thing about the Bugaboo prams is the brake located on the handlebars that make it easy for you to lock and release without having to bend.


So what are the things you look for in a pram?


Tell me if you’ve seen the Bugaboo x We Are Handsome collection out and about!


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This post has been created in collaboration with Bugaboo Australia, however all opinions are my own.