My Fertility Journey with Genea Horizon

As a second-generation immigrant in a somewhat conservative family, growing up has always been an endless internal struggle for me to seek out my true identity and my purpose in life. I was always told to study hard, strive for the high-paying corporate cookie cutter job, find an equally successful husband and procreate the perfect and genetically blessed children to… View Post

Birthing Experience From a Man’s Perspective – Part One

I know how much you guys loved reading about my version of the birthing experience so I decided it would be great to see if it was the same or that much more horrific for Chris. After much nagging, he conceded to writing a series of guest posts on his version of childbirth and parenthood. I even promised not to edit… View Post

What Happened After the Birth

I know you’ve all been waiting for the sequel to my birthing experience and I’ve finally come out of the stage where I’ve been trying to forget. Dark circles and bags have become the norm for Chris and I as Jacob channels his inner party animal at any point between midnight and 3am. He feeds like an angry monster and… View Post

My Birthing Experience

It’s been just over a week since I went into labour and we’ve survived our first few nights at home with our little menace – Jacob. I’m not going to lie but the last week has been a complete blur but has also felt like a lifetime for some reason. I wanted to share my birthing experience for any expecting… View Post

Truth: Dating Apps Aren’t So Bad

There’s been a lot of discussion about how dating apps have ruined the dating scene for millennials but I couldn’t disagree more with that view. You’ll always find tales from jaded swipers about how they’ve been on one too many Tinder disasters over the years, but I’m here to tell you that as an experienced swiper (I’m not embarrassed to… View Post

How We Met on Tinder

I know you’re all thinking right about now that we’re one of the few success stories that have occurred as a result of arbitrarily swiping left or right on the notorious hookup app. On an app that serves up an endless carousel of faces and cringe-worthy body shots (both men and women are guilty of this – I’ve checked) it… View Post

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