Quality Cashmere

Invest In Your Knitwear This Winter

It’s always bitter sweet when we have to stash away our gorgeous floral dresses, daisy dukes and skimpy bathers at the end of summer. Never fear because there’s always a soft cashmere lining waiting on the other side – it’s sweater weather! I know I keep reminding you guys that I live in the blessed…

Shopbop Style High

Shopbop April Sale Picks

I can resist everything except temptation– and sales. I think it would be completely selfish of me to not update you guys with all the news on sales that I get. I can say that I almost exclusively buy my wardrobe essentials whenever there’s a sale event on.   Admittedly “adulting” isn’t as easy as…

Autumn Winter 2018 Trends, TK Maxx Australia

Timeless Autumn/Winter Trends 18’

I feel like I’ve been completely robbed of summer this year because I spent the majority being heavily pregnant and the rest of it in a post pregnancy haze where the last ten weeks have been an absolute blur. I have to be honest; I am definitely a summer girl and enjoy wearing a breezy…

Sydney Airport // Worth Arriving Early For

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always looked forward to arriving at the airport early regardless of where I’m going. Whilst counting down the days to each new adventure is as much exciting as it is frustrating; what I really look forward to is spending those precious hours before my flight. Does that…

Bali Packing Essentials

With Bali just under a week away, I can’t begin to tell you guys how excited I am to be travelling again! I’ve almost forgotten the excitement I use to get when I started packing my suitcases and planning all my outfits. I’m not sure about everyone else but I’ve always loved buying new clothes…


Comfort in Under 4 Minutes with Koala Sofa

If there’s one thing we all look forward to at the end of the day is finally getting our tired asses back home and vegging out on the sofa. For us, this requires us to scale five flights of stairs and navigating our way through two very excitable dogs before we get that sweet moment…

The Birthing Experience from a Man's Perspective

Birthing Experience From a Man’s Perspective – Part One

I know how much you guys loved reading about my version of the birthing experience so I decided it would be great to see if it was the same or that much more horrific for Chris. After much nagging, he conceded to writing a series of guest posts on his version of childbirth and parenthood. I…

Bugaboo x We Are Handsome

Be Bold With Bugaboo x We Are Handsome

People have been so shocked to learn that just five days after Jacob was born, we took him out on a little trip to the local shopping center. Truth is, I’m not someone who can hermit away at home when I could be out and about; enjoying the sunshine and rejoining society. I feel the…

Essentials Handbags Every Woman Needs

The Essential Handbags Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

I have a few guilty pleasures that I just can’t help and collecting handbags is definitely one of them. Out of all the accessories that you can have in your wardrobe, the handbag is what I consider the most important. Handbags (depending on their size) are the most functional – they hold our wallets, phone,…

Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials Every New Mom Needs

  It’s like an inescapable trigger but as soon as you mention to anyone that you’re pregnant – grandmas, seasoned moms, dads and even the friendly stranger in the elevator will try giving you unsolicited advice and telling you what you must absolutely buy for your newborn. We certainly had no shortage of recommendations from…


Helen Chik is a Sydney based fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle digital content creator and influencer sharing everything from unique style to her adventures around the world through her rainbow tinted lenses.

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Why You need travel insurance

Why You Need to Buy Travel Insurance

I use to find myself asking the question of whether or not I needed to buy travel insurance each time I went overseas. It wasn’t until I actually fell ill in a foreign country with limited access to specialist doctors that I realised just how important it was. I now see travel insurance as a…

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