From Seed to Skin // A Visit to the Jurlique Farm

Jurlique Farm South Australia, Adelaide

Amongst all the hectic projects I was working on towards the end of 2018 – a visit to the 42-hectares Jurlique Farm in South Australia to create and share the beauty behind the brand was amongst them. It was all a little crazy how the year ended and to be offered the opportunity to head to such a tranquil and magical spot was honestly just what my mental health doctor (I don’t actually have one) ordered.

The farm is located in the Adelaide Hills where Jurlique grows their organic ingredients that are not only pure in their most raw form but also potent in their foundation. Arriving at sunrise was the most perfect time to really take in the surrounding area because not only was there the most magical sunlight streaming through the cloud cover in the hills but a gorgeous mystical layer of light mist across the fields. Birds chirruping, cows in neighbouring paddocks and kangaroos just casually hanging in the fields – it was hard not to feel at ease here.

We spent hours wandering through all the different fields where we learnt all about the biodynamic farming processes that Jurlique has adopted and perfected throughout the years in the efforts to keep their production sustainable. Jurlique’s farming practices ensure that it enriches the earth rather than depleting it through exhaustive farming methods.

I never expected to be so mesmerized by how pure this place was. An immediate soothing euphoria is probably the best way to articulate what you experience when you look down on the property from the top of the hill. Watching the tall grass sway so elegantly as the breeze passes through and the constantly moving patches of sunlight in synchronization with the movement of the clouds above made for the perfect setting to capture and share content.


Jurlique Rose Water


My personal favourites were of course the rose fields. I still remember Chris asking me to close my eyes and just frolick through the aisles of roses – every breath in was an olfactory sensation. Then there were the fields of lavender and chamomile, which were just as charming in their own right. We even got to smell the newly patented Jurlique rose and compared this to the others. Let me tell you, it blew our minds how beautiful it was to the point where I was still sniffing the rose on our drive home and in my hotel bed.

Without going into too much nitty gritty details – here are the main things you need to know about Jurlique’s farming practices and why they’re setting the standard for the rest of the brands in the global beauty arena.

Jurlique Farm Tour AdelaideHow Does Jurlique Adopt Biodynamic Farming Practices?


– Think synthetic-free inputs so things such as pesticides; herbicides and fertilizers won’t be used as they strip the soil.

– They use solar panels (140 to be exact) and a complete solar power production system.

– The farm has sent zero waste to landfill (since 2016) as they reuse, recycle and recover everything that is used into energy.

– Recycled water is used to irrigate crops and the compost used is made from plants that have been grown on the farm.

– No machinery is used in the harvesting of the medicinal herbs and flowers.

– 10,000 native trees have since been planted on the farm.

– Farming methods used include crop rotation, compost and green manure to increase organic matter and nutrition in the soil. The soil is treated as a living entity.

– Compost is created from poultry manure, hay and even herbs and flowers after the extraction process to create a full cycle.

– It also focuses on how the rhythms of nature can effect how successfully crops grow in any given year. Farming activities are planned in accordance with the cycles of the sun, moon, planets and stars.

– All packaging is recyclable and reusable.


We lucked out with our timing and got to see fields of roses, lavender, marshmallow, liquorice and calendula. I think these photos just tell all when it comes to how stunning this place actually was. The location is pure and uninterrupted beauty and it’s no wonder that Jurlique have been able to harness this unique environment to produce the most potent skincare.

Fun fact: The World Health Organisation has deemed the air in the Adelaide Hills to be among the very best with the lowest amount of pollution.


Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist     Jurlique Farm Tour Adelaide


It became abundantly clear after our visit that Jurlique was truly a brand that embodied the ethos of from seed to skin.

If you ever find yourself in Adelaide and have half a day to spare then definitely book yourself on a farm tour here and if you would like to read more about Jurlique’s commitment to sustainable practices then head over here.

This post has been created in collaboration with Jurlique Australia, however all opinions and writing remain my own. Check out all my other beauty related posts here.


Jurlique Farm Tour Adelaide



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