I can’t tell you guys how much I dislike writing bios about myself, but through all the Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Raya and Hinge profiles that I’ve created over the years – I’ve become somewhat of a veteran.

If you haven’t figure it out already, my name is Helen. Yes, my surname is in actual fact – Chik. It’s not an alias or stage/stripper name that I go by.

Fun fact, I never intended for this career path of the freelance creative life. Prior to throwing away my stable 9 to 5 corporate Sally job, I completed a double degree in Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance. What the f*ck is that you say? Don’t worry, I still have trouble explaining it to people. To put it simply, we number crunch, worship statistics and excel spreadsheets are our best friends.

I worked for two years at a soul-diminishing job that essentially paid my bills but I needed something more. This was when this page and my ‘online’ persona was conceived. After two years of fumbling my way through the corporate ladder (and getting nowhere), I decided to cash in all my chips and attempt the freelance life of a creative content creator.

It was a pivot point in my life where so much change was thrust upon me. I had gotten married and divorced in less than 18 months, quit my stable job and moved out temporarily. There were a lot of teething issues at the start but eventually through sheer perseverance and a dash of luck – I found my rhythm.

Fast forward another five years and I now have a beautiful son and his name is Pooh Bear. I jest, his name is Jacob and he is the cutest and most stubborn kid… EVER.

So I now share about my experiences as a twice divorced, single mum who is currently working on her first book and navigating the treacherous dating world.

I’ve created this blog/diary as a means of documenting and sharing my style, opinions and adventures. I’ll let you all decide whether I’m copasetic or just f*cking batsh*t cray. But before I leave you, here are a few things about me that you may not know:

  • I discovered Muay Thai back in August 2019, it has changed my life (for the better) and I don’t know how I could ever survive without it.
  • I live and breathe 90s pop and RnB music. Backstreet Boys, Ja Rule, Nelly, All Saints… you name it, I’ll have it on my playlist.
  • The lovely scar on my forehead was given to me courtesy of daddy dearest (not intentionally of course) when I was a baby. In a nutshell, a bed and a nightstand with a sharp corner was involved resulting in many stitches.
  • South America is my favourite continent in the world that I have travelled to – Peru and Bolivia being my favourite countries. But New York City will forever have a special place in my heart.
  • I cry whenever someone dies in a movie or book. Not a stray inconspicuous tear here or there but outright bawler – and it’s not pretty.
  • My tattoos are a recent thing… I got my first during my summer trip to Europe with my brother in 2018. It was of the words “live free” and I got it done on our last day in Amsterdam.