I completed a double degree in Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance. What’s that you say? Don’t worry, I still have trouble explaining it to people after five years. To put it simply, an actuary is where they bury dead actors. Just kidding, we number crunch and excel spreadsheets are our best friends.

After waking up one Monday morning feeling like the daily 9 to 5 desk job just wasn’t hitting the spot of my figurative appetite for fulfillment, I made the decision to rebrand my site. Welcome everyone! Wherever you are in the world, whatever time zone you’re in and however you’re reading this; in your underpants or just commando, please enjoy (or not) reading my thoughts, inspirations and experiences with all things pertaining to fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travels.

I now have a beautiful son and his name is Pooh Bear – jokes, his name is Jacob and he is the cutest kid… EVER. So I now share about my experiences as a twice divorced single mum who is currently writing her version of the modern day #BossLady story.

I’ve created this blog as a means of documenting and sharing my style and adventures. I’ll let you all decide whether I’m copasetic or just downright insane. But before I leave you, here are five things about me that you may not know:

•  I drink Coke like there’s no tomorrow – terrible I know, but I  can’t get enough of the crap.

•  I live and breathe 90s pop and RnB music. Backstreet Boys, Ja Rule, Nelly, All Saints… you name it, I’ll have it on my playlist.

•  The lovely scar on my forehead was given to me courtesy of daddy dearest (not intentionally of course) when I was an infant on his 27th birthday. In a nutshell, a bed and nightstand were involved including 9 stitches.

•  South America is my favourite continent in the world that I have travelled to – Peru and Bolivia being my favourite countries.

•  I cry whenever someone dies in a movie or book. Not a stray inconspicuous tear here or there but outright bawler – and it’s not pretty.


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