Going Blonde with Aveda’s Full Spectrum Demi+ Colour

Aveda Colour Demi+I’m going to let you guys in on a secret… I’m not a natural blonde.


You’re all probably thinking – duh, who died and made her Captain Obvious?


But I’ve spent the last two years chasing after the perfect shade of blonde. Now, any Asian sister out there will understand how hard it is to maintain colour jobs and keep it looking fresh. There’s nothing worse than having your colour go brassy which is the unfortunate and inevitable fact that we have to live with.

My hair journey has been an ongoing chronicle because we don’t just go from dark to light in one session (well… you could…but you’ll be saying goodbye to the quality of your locks and no responsible hairdresser should let you do that to your hair), it requires time and dedication. Every 5-6 weeks I’d have to get a colour refresh which generally consists of a full head of balayage.

Aveda Full Spectrum Demi+

If you’ve been with me from day dot you’ll know that my hair has transformed drastically over the years. I went from routinely dying my hair black (yes – for a while there I insisted on having gothic black hair because my Asian black wasn’t enough) to making the commitment to blonde. For the past year, Aveda has been giving my hair the TLC it deserves and they’ve recently launched their Full Spectrum Demi+Treatment Hair Color – cue excited squeal.

So here’s what you need to know.

Aveda Full Spectrum Demi+What You Need to Know About the Aveda Full Spectrum Demi+ Colour


  • 93% naturally derived, deposit-only hair colour
  • It’s ammonia-free and cruelty free
  • It leaves your hair with instant healthy shine
  • Improves the condition of damaged hair
  • Its quick! Only takes 5 – 20 minutes
  • #SmellsLikeAveda – the Colour Catalyst developer contains aroma of certified organic rose, lemon, peppermint and other pure flower and plant blooms


In summary, the perfect solution for those who want low commitment to colouring their hair

My favourite part of all this is that the new Full Spectrum Demi+ leaves your hair unbelievably shiny. Who can turn down shiny hair? (If you’re not keen on colouring, you can even just get a 5 minute shine treatment!)

I would like a full head of dull… said no woman ever.

Having shiny hair indicates health and as we get older, hair concerns become exponentially more acute. The new range contains the perfect conditioning blend of certified organic plant oils – sunflower, castor, jojoba and kukui. They help nourish your hair during the process and provides your hair with an instant shine, radiant colour and relief for damaged hair.

Who else is a fan of everything Aveda here?!

Aveda Colour


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This post has been created in collaboration with Aveda Australia, however all opinions remain my own. Please also note that my experience won’t be the same as yours and I can only share my own personal experience.