Why Buy The LG TWIN Wash

Why Buy the LG TWIN WashBeing a new mum this last month has been the hardest and steepest learning curve for me. I dare say that I had more ease battling through my university degree than I have had adjusting to being a mother. The one thing that I did not expect was the amount of washing and rubbish that would accumulate from having such a little being entering your life. Our nappy bin needs to be emptied almost daily because of our little pooping machine and our laundry basket is constantly overfilling with milk/poo/wee stained sheets, towels and/or clothes.

Nothing in the house is ever particularly clean when you become a new parent and this is a combination of not having the time or the opportunity to do much housework. We’re constantly being faced with basket loads of dirty laundry and will squeeze in washing in those quiet moments – which quite frankly, are fleeting with newborns.

I was recently gifted an LG TWIN Wash and asked to review the machine. I’m embarrassed to admit this but until recently, I’ve never really had to do washing or any laundry for that matter. Having inherited my husband’s broken one where a knife is required to break open the door each time, the TWIN Wash came in as a blessing.

Why? Find out below.




Why Buy the LG TWIN Wash

LG TWIN Wash Review


Combined Washer & Dryer

Probably the best feature is having a combined wash functionality with a dryer because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown washing in only to forget about it until a day later. Being able to throw a load on and have it come out not only clean but dry is both a lifesaver and timesaver.

Mini-Washer Function

As someone who likes to stay on top of everything – washing included – the 2.5kg capacity means that I don’t have to wait an entire week to accumulate a full load of washing before I can clean my clothes. It also means not having to wait for enough whites or delicates to amass before washing!


You won’t ever have to split your wash loads into two when the day comes to change your bed sheets because this monster can take up to a 16kg load! This is pretty much the largest you’ll be able to get before you head into the industrial Laundromat arena. Another nifty feature is the mid-cycle pause so you won’t ever miss anything in your weekly washes.

The dryer doesn’t have the same capacity as drying clothes needs space for the air to circulate through in order to dry. So if you want your clothes to wash and be dry without having to do anything then the load can only be 9kg. Don’t worry; the machine has a marker to tell you how much you can include in the wash for this to happen.



Remote Connectivity

LG’s SmartThinQ function will allow you to remotely control your machine. Not only can you start your wash before you’ve even stepped through the door but you can monitor the progress, energy consumption and see if there are any issues with your machine. I regularly forget that I’ve thrown in a load of washing and this puppy will send you a message once your load has finished.


Whilst the machine is larger than your normal washer but this not only has the ability to do dual loads but has a dryer included. So for the average family home this machine would be perfect! The aesthetic is modern and sleek with an anti-fingerprint stainless finish. I never thought I’d say this but it’s a good-looking washing machine!

Tell me your thoughts if you’ve got the LG TWIN Wash!

This post has been created in collaboration with LG Australia however all opinions are my own.

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