The Eyeshadow Palettes Every Girl Needs

I’m someone who loves spending hours wandering through Sephora’s and Mecca Cosmetica + Maxima’s it quickly becomes overwhelming when you see such a vast product assortment and not sure which ones to invest in. As an on-off make up junkie I always find that when I’m in my ‘off junkie’ moods that I will always gravitate towards a select few products. I’m not sure how beauty YouTubers manage to go through their palettes because I’ve always found more use out of certain palettes than others and won’t even touch some if they don’t do the trick.


I don’t have a spare hour or two these days to spend on my face and as I imagine, most women don’t. Whether you’re married or single, with or without child, employed or happily enjoying a sabbatical – time is precious the older you get. So the next time you find yourself meandering through each stand in your regular beauty store for a new eyeshadow palette, check out my recommendations below.


I should preface this by saying that I haven’t yet found a palette that is perfect in EVERY way but everyone has different opinions so I’ve hashed out the pros and cons of each for you to decide.


6 Essential Eyeshadow Palettes Every Girl Needs


6 Eyeshadow Palettes Every Girl Needs 

  1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This has been in my kit for almost three years now and for a very good reason – the colour offering is perfect for someone who is looking for an everyday make up look without looking like they’ve just walked off a Kinky Boots set AND it freaking smells amazing. All 16 shades are made from real cocoa powder and the shades include neutrals (both matte and shine) as well as a few burgundy and purples thrown in there.



  • Colour selection is perfect for those who love neutral shades.
  • Provides a mixture of matte, shimmer and satin finishes.
  • The smell – nuff said.


  • The lighter shades require layering for the pigment to stand out and this is also the same for a few of the darker matte shades.
  • It’s pricy.


  1. Urban Decay Naked PaletteEssential Eyeshadow Palettes, The Best Eyeshadow Palettes

I’ve always been a fan of the originals – after all, it was this palette that built the brand’s cult following overnight in 2010. All the shades are universally flattering warm neutral tones and can be used on anyone.



  • The variety of warm tones means a multitude of looks can be created for day and night.
  • The colour texture is easily blendable and minimal fallout when you apply.
  • Pigmentation is decent and very buildable.


  • Very minimal matte shades – so if you’re not a shimmer girl then this wouldn’t be right for you.
  • Velvet packaging gets worn out pretty quickly.


  1. Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Blush/Nude Edition

Out of the ranges that Rimmel has released, these two are definitely the most versatile and user friendly. The Smoke Edition is a little too intense for my liking and is really only great if you plan on going out on the town and really want to go for the panda eyes look. The Colour Edition is also a tricky one if you don’t really know how to blend colours well. The Blush and Nude Editions however are perfect for everyday use.



  • Ridiculously affordable – just $21.95 (AUD) at Priceline stores.
  • Great colour payoff given the price of the palette and they’re all very blendable.
  • The lasting power of the product is fantastic.


  • The formula is quite powdery.
  • The packaging is not the most luxe but for the price, we can make an exception.


  1. Stila Matte n Metal

An easy palette to throw into your everyday kit and convenient to travel with if you want to be able to mix matte and metallic shades. It’s split in half with six matte shades and six metallic and can be all blended together for a multitude of everyday looks.


  • Very wearable tones that all blend together nicely without too much fall out.
  • Small and easy to travel around with if you enjoy natural day to day make up looks.



  • Pigmentation needs to be built and layered for it to stand out however this can be good for a lot of us who don’t like more natural looking makeup.
  • The top row of opaques don’t have too much pigment and can feel a little chalky but if you prime your lids before the colour payout is marginally better.

 The Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2017

  1. Too Faced Sweet Peach

The palette has both warm and neutral shades in a range of sweet peaches, browns, creams and plum shades. I love how they’ve made this palette scented too but could’ve done with a few more actual peach shades but I’m not complaining because the ones that are in there are complementary to each other.


  • A great mixture of matte and metallic shades to work with.
  • Fallout is minimal and you don’t need a lot of product to get vibrant colours to show.
  • Wearability is decent if you need your makeup to last the day.


  • Not enough actual peach shades in the palette.


  1. Zoeva Opulence Palette

This one is a newbie and I mean this week new! I got my hands on it a few weeks ago and swatched the colours and they glide on like a dream. There is definitely more bias towards metallics but the shades really do look natural in a weird way.


  • The new packaging has a gothic secret garden vibe to it and the colours work for both natural day looks and sassy evening looks.
  • The colour payoff is great and they blend together easily.
  • Minimal fallout.
  • Affordable prices for quality product.


  • Not a lot of matte shades to work with and the ones provided don’t glide on as smoothly as the metallics.


If you feel that there are some other crucial palettes that I’ve missed out on then please list them in the comments below because I may not have tried them yet!


What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette? Go!


Helen Chik is a Sydney based fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle digital content creator and influencer sharing everything from unique style to her adventures around the world through her rainbow tinted lenses.

  • christine

    Wow such pretty palettes! I am not a MUA or an eyeshadow person just because I don’t know how to properly put it on my Asian eyes. I never learned and always feel like I look like I have too much makeup on. But having said that, I need an everyday palette that has neutrals that I can use for nights out or a little extra glam. I love Stila colors and the Urban Decay palette have more of the colors I would use on an everyday basis. Thanks for sharing all the pros and cons of these brands. I will be purchasing a palette soon especially for the holidays and this is so helpful! xoxo, Christine

    • I know – I struggle with Asian eyes so much sometimes but I’m slowly getting the hang of learning how to wear shadow without looking like a drag queen haha!!

  • This is such a helpful guide! I totally understand the struggle of not knowing which makeup to buy. It can be so overwhelming trying to find something that works in a store full of makeup. I’ll have to try these out next time I need makeup! I love the color schemes.

    ~xo Sheree

  • What a great post Helen! I love all the amazing palettes you’re sharing. The shades are simply wonderful for the season. I love wearing eyeshadow and I always try to experiment on different styles and sometimes I simply copy some from magazines. I have a NAKED palette and it’s one of my favorites. But I really like all the pros and cons you shared.
    Have a great start of Thanksgiving break!

  • What a great review! I actually don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow so I never need more than a single color. I have tiny eyelids and I never really learned how to make it work for me. I’ve picked up a few palettes but I always use just one color LOL. I’m also allergic to mica so all the sparkly shades are out for me. I want to know which is your go-to palette?

    • Hmmm I think the one I’ve worn down the most is the Too Faced Chocolate Palette – I think its the one I’ve chosen to bring travelling with me too and there’s probably only one colour I haven’t touched and that’s the awkward purple in it haha!

  • @queenhorsfall

    Few years ago, I got a gift from my husband from Urban Decay, because every respected blogger owned it and actually I ended up giving it away, because didn’t see myself using all this colors, because I prefer natural look. Just eyeliner and lipstick. I was very curious to try Stila. Thanks for sharing cons and pros!

    • Which Urban Decay palette babe? The first one is my favourite! I literally have ALL of them now and I have to admit I didn’t touch the Naked 3 at all because of all the pinky shades!

  • Amazing review, I love to read it, love your blog too. Thank you for sharing, waiting for the next post!!!


  • Hey Darling:)
    How are you? How was Weekend?
    Ohhh Gosh those Eye Shadow Palletes are so Gorgeous:) I cant even Decide which my Favorite 🙂 Can I have all please? I have to shop some new:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy New Week

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    OMG I have more than half of the plattes you have picked here!!! My fave is definitely Urban Decay and 2 faced. Adding on to that, the eye primer from Urban Decay is an absolutely darling, it’s one of the best eye primers I have tried so far! Thanks for doing all the pros and cons analysis for us and make our online shopping experiences so much easier!

    xx, Jessie

    • Ooh yep! I have that primer too and it’s awesome! I sometimes just use my NARS concealer as my primer too 😉

  • Merel van Poorten

    Wow! These products are awesome! Thanks for sharing babe.

    X Merel

  • Hey girl, Love the honest review! So good to see honesty come through articles as I see alot of sponsored posts which of course is necessary but I love seeing authenticity in bloggers <3

    My fave palette is ABH Modern Renaissance as it's highly pigmented for my dark skin.

  • jacqueline

    Thanks for such a thorough and honest review. I was actually just thinking of getting a new palette for the holidays. Was even thinking about gifting one. I’m going to circle back for this when i finally get paid and can buy gifts for my gals! Thanks so much

  • Tandya

    I loved reading this. I am starting to gain interest in make up and I know my sister has the Naked Urban Decay palette. I personally don’t own any eyeshadow! Crazy, I know! I am definitely leaning to a more neutral one. I am very simple with my everyday make up. The Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Blush/Nude Edition also sounds like a good one that I can try.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • You’ve picked up the best of the best here. However, I would add the one from Huda Beauty to this list. I tenderly love every single one of them, but Too Faced are my top favourites! And I still need to try the one from Stila!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Sofia N

    My favorite naked palette is the naked 2 palette. Perfect nude shades and you can create a smoky eye as well! Other than that the new Marc Jacobs palettes are my go to!

    Love and light, Sofia

  • Amanda N Dustin Smith

    I’m like you when it comes to palettes. I RARELY go for a palette because I waste most of it. If I do buy one I like it to be inexpensive and mostly nudes as that’s what I love… if I’m feeling crazy I’ll go to sephora and get a single bold color. My sister used the Rimmel one and I honestly don’t think I would mind if it was a bit powdery as long as it’s pigmented! I love how you broke down the pros and cons of each one! That is SO helpful and especially to someone like me that stays where I’m truly comfortable when it comes to makeup! I’m trying to break away from that a bit more! Really insightful! Thank you!

    Manda |

  • Massiel Feliz Rivas

    After reading this post I can’t believe how basic I am when it comes to makeup, I don’t have any of these palettes! The closest I am is the NAKED Basics and that’s about it. I feel so dated lol – Need an upgrade!

  • Candace

    I have several eyeshadow palettes and like you said, only gravitate towards a few of them. I am; however, a freelance makeup artist, so if they don’t get any use from me, my clients certainly do haha. That Naked palette is definitely a staple of mine! Most of my clients prefer neutrals, so it gets used the most by me!

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