How to: Get Textured & Natural Beachy Hair

If you’re anything like me and by this I mean, time poor, ungifted and uncoordinated when it comes to the art of styling hair then you’ll always want to hear about any product that can cut your styling time in the morning drastically. I’m sure I’m not the only girl out there that always thinks and feels a million bucks when they waltz out of their hair salon but finds it impossible to create the same feeling from a DIY job at home. Am I right?


I’m generally guilty of jumping out of the shower and running straight out the door (clothed of course) with dripping wet hair. It’s even more so the case now as I’m finding even less time to spend time in front of my bathroom mirror styling my hair with the never-ending list of life admin tasks I have piling up to the stratosphere. As a result, sea texturizing sprays have been essential to my beauty rotation in the mornings because they’re an easy way to create effortless messy hair. Aveda Texture Tonic Styling Products


Aveda have recently launched their new Texture Tonic that has been a huge game changer for me. It provides all the definition and textures your natural boho locks could need but with less crunchiness and if you’ve used sea salt sprays before then you’ll know what I mean by this. The key ingredient in the Texture Tonic being Cane Sugar – providing the softening and hydrating element to the product.


How to Style Your Hair Using Aveda’s Texture Tonic:

  1. Use on Damp (Towel Dried) Hair

There are two ways you could use the spray here – if you’re struggling for time then just spritz the product into your hair and scrunch the ends to mid-lengths to create the natural curvature to your hair and voila! You’re ready to go. Your hair will naturally dry with a texturized beach look.


The second is to separate your hair into thin strands and spray each individually with Texture Tonic and then twist the hair from the roots. There is an option to use the Pure Abundance Style Prep spray before you start to protect your hair from any breakage whilst you comb through your hair.


Aveda Texture Tonic Styling Tips


Once you’ve completed this for all strands then grab a hair dryer with a diffuser head and place some of the twisted strands onto it and dry accordingly.


Flip your head over and dry the roots of your hair and you may also want to use the Aveda Volumizing Tonic if your hair falls flat like mine does at the roots.

Spray a little Air Control Hair Spray to keep it in place and you’re ready!


  1. Use on Dry Hair

This is great when you have a little extra time on your hands because you’ll need to blow dry your hair beforehand. Separate your hair into strands and spray each with Texture Tonic before rolling the strand up right to the root and pinning it.


Once you have done this on the entire head then leave this in for 5-10 minutes. Then spray a little Air Control Hair Spray for added hold before releasing each roller and styling your hair as you see fit.

If you’ve also had your hair blow-dried the day before then you can use the Texture Tonic to refresh your hair the next day.


Does this sound easy enough? Let me put it this way – if I can do it, then so can you! But just in case you want to see more then check out the styling video on my YouTube Channel here (or click on the video below) and don’t forget to subscribe!!




This post has been created in collaboration with Aveda.

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  • You are so speaking my language. I need this!!

  • I am completely guilty of running out the door with wet hair! The texture tonic sounds like something I defintely need in my beauty closet. Who doesn’t want naturally beauty hair that looks effortless? Great video tutorial and I will have to try this out.

    xo Sheree

  • I’ve tried the same technique once but apparently it doesn’t work for me, because I have a very heavy hair. And after half an hour they turn straight again. But I will definitely try this Aveda Tonic for sure, maybe this time I’ll get a proper result!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Athena Ng

    Loving these products and your hair looks amazing!

  • The Peaks & The Valleys

    Your hair is awesome, wish mine could do that!

  • Massiel Feliz Rivas

    Love the tutorial! Definitely going to try it at home this weekend. I always struggle with the beachy hair, but you make it seem so easy. I just hope it looks half as good as yours 🙂

  • Christine

    I love your beachy waves! I just got this Aveda Texture Tonic too and what I love about it is that it isn’t as drying on my hair as other sea salt sprays. The smell is classic Aveda scent and I use it on dry hair after I’ve curled it. I need to try it on wet hair and twist like you do. Love your videos too! Thanks for the wavy tips! xoxo, Christine

  • dominika

    I’m just hearing of these products, Helen. Obviously have been missing out. Thanks to you I will check them out.

  • Your hair looks amazing. I always want to style my hair with beachy waves, but the problem was that I didn’t have an idea on how to achieve it. After reading this post, I think I will!
    With a great technique, along with quality and good products, such as Aveda texture Tonic, I’m pretty sure that my hair will look amazing, so thank you so much Helen for these great tips.
    Have a nice weekend!


  • Hey Darling
    How are you?
    Your Hair is Always Gorgeous, and Adore the Video:) So Sweet and super Easy 🙂
    Definitely will Try out:)
    I saw on Instagram this Video first, I was in Love:)
    Wish you Happy Weekend
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    Love your beachy hair tutorial!! The beachy waves are so in at the moment, although it looks very simple but I found it very hard to style. I will definitely give Aveda Texture Tonic a try. My hair is often lacking of texture when it’s wet. Thank you so much for sharing all your secret. I’m going to re-create your amazing beachy hair with all those products you mentioned above =)

    xx, Jessie

  • jacqueline

    I love AVEDA! I’ve actually been thinking about getting some of their stuff recently! This is the first I’ve heard of texture tonic I’m not really sure I’d use it because my hair is already got that beachy natural hair in general so I wonder how it would do with mine. Definitely worth a try though!

  • Tandya

    I am obsessed with your beachy waves! I love leaving the hair salon and unfortunately I am never able to recreate that look. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I even forget to brush my hair in the mornings. I’m always on the go and it slips my mind! I loved watching your tutorial! So simple and I love Aveda products!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Marcy Yu

    Very nice tutorial babe!!! I always wonder how you made your natural beach waves! I have to say you look great in straight and curly hair but this one is my favourite. Is so lay back and pretty. I also do beach waves on my hair but never tried any of this Aveda products. Maybe I should try them. Thanks for sharing your secret.



    Hello dear !
    Nice post and I was very curious to see the video. I get recently Aveda Texture Tonic, too for my short straight hair and I love the smell and how make my hair soft and voluminous.

  • They actually also sent me their new texture tonic and while I love beachy hair -I hate my natural texture. It always take the texture out and then use a wand to put it in. But I never thought to do it with a diffuser – I’m gonna try your way and see if that works for me. I usually just spray twist and go and it doesn’t look right on me. Thanks for the tip!