How to: Use Aveda Invati Advanced Post Pregnancy

Aveda Invati AdvancedWhen I found out I was pregnant, it took me time to come to terms with the fact that my body was going to change for good. I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy these changes despite the little bundle of joy growing inside me but what completely blindsided me was finding out about the hair loss that would occur post pregnancy. It might sound superficial to worry so much about hair loss but wanting healthy looking hair doesn’t make us vain or vapid – it directly contributes to how we feel about ourselves. When our hair starts disappearing, so too does our confidence.

My hair has been incredibly thin and brittle after years of colouring to the point where my hair will literally tangle straight after brushing and oodles of it would fall out. My brush would literally be filled with hair after every wash and I was always too scared to brush it too much.

Everyone has told me that your hair grows more luscious and shiny during pregnancy and that you lose less, if not, no hair throughout your term. I’m not sure what happened in my case but I felt that I was losing more despite curbing back on the colouring. Hair is such an important part of feeling confident for women (even men) so naturally I was a little (a lot) concerned with what was going to happen post birth to my hair. It was recommended to me by the ladies from Aveda that I should trial the new Invati Advanced hair care system.

The Aveda Invati Advanced system requires a 12-week commitment of using only the Invati products every hair wash which I’ll admit, is a pretty big undertaking given the amount of hair care products I have sitting in my bathroom cupboard. Nevertheless, for the sake of my hair – I decided to commit.


How to Use the Invati Advanced

Essentially a simple three-step system using the Exfoliating Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner during your daily washes and Scalp Revitalizer post wash.

STEP 1 & 2: The first two steps are pretty standard and I am confident in my assumption that we all know how to wash our hair! If you’re at a stage in your life where hair loss is becoming a problem then you should definitely know how to wash your hair – I hope.

STEP 3: This happens after the hair wash and out of the shower. It can be done with either wet or dry hair once a day. My personal preference is to do it on wet hair straight after the shower as it fits more naturally into your daily routine.


How to Use Aveda Invati Advanced


All you need to do is apply 16 pumps directly onto your scalp as evenly as you can. It doesn’t have to be an exact art either – as long as you’re covering the major areas with a few pumps of the product. You follow this by massaging your scalp with your fingertips to really let the product settle in and I usually follow this with a good brush to stimulate the scalp.

If you don’t wash your hair everyday then you can also massage the product with dry hair and it won’t leave your hair feeling gross or slimy.


Aveda Invati Advanced


Why Use Invati Advanced

You may see a lot of the bad late night infomercials on medicinal products that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss but what I love the most about the Invati Advanced range is that it’s 98% naturally derived. No weird substances or chemicals will be found in them and they all have the classic ‘Aveda’ aroma that instantly relaxes you.


Exfoliating Shampoo

It will gently exfoliate and cleanse your scalp with wintergreen derived salicylic acid to strip it of any build-up of product that can clog pores. The formula is incredibly nourishing and will help protect your hair from breakage by detangling during your wash.

Thickening Conditioner

The conditioner will instantly thicken your hair, which makes it less susceptible to breakage as well as providing weightless conditioning. It uses naturally derived amino acids that mimic our hair’s building blocks to strengthen our hair from the roots right down to the ends.

Scalp Revitalizer

The previous formulation required twice daily applications but the new version only requires a once a day commitment. This is the product that directly helps reduce your hair loss by helping you keep your hair for longer. It contains tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed to support your hair’s natural keratin by penetrating through the surface of your scalp. The certified organic amla leaves your hair thicker with a lift at the roots to create volume.



Results So Far…

I started the system a week before giving birth to Jacob and we’re now at the six-week mark in the trial. Whilst it’s hard for me to show you how thick my hair feels now (as it’s more of a tactile element); I can already see my hair thickening and experiencing less breakage after each brush.

Stay tuned and I’ll be sharing the final results and thoughts in another six weeks!


Have you tried Invati Advanced?


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This post has been created in collaboration with Aveda Australia – however all opinions stated in the post are my own.