Testing Sony’s Xperia Z5


I was asked by the lovely team at Sony Mobile to test out the camera capabilities of their recently launched Xperia Z5. Can you think of a better way to showcase the camera than the incredibly serene and postcard perfect Whitsundays? I couldn’t.



In a world where we’re capturing all of our travel moments and experiences on the go with our smartphones we need devices that deliver. If you’re in the market looking for a smartphone – I’ll bet the first thing you test when you pick up the phone is the camera. Am I right? Or not, it’s certainly the first thing I try out. So here is a fashion and travel blogger’s review of the Sony Xperia Z5. Please note that I’m not incredibly tech-savvy (as I timelessly remind everyone) but I am giving you my thoughts on the handset as your everyday smartphone user.



Incorporating the Sony Alpha camera technology – this camera literally focuses faster than you blink. I could try and get really technical but I wouldn’t be fooling anyone with all the minutiae behind the technology. What’s important is that this phone has the fastest autofocus on a smartphone – 0.03 seconds fast. My only qualm with the phone is that the processing software does take quite some time after you take the photo before you can move onto your next snap. So if you’re looking to take multiple shots of a certain moment then the camera may struggle to keep up and you will have to wait a few seconds between shots. Having said that, the auto-exposure on the phone was always on point so I never had to worry about whether a photo was too dark or too bright.



Here’s a snap taken with the front camera – and if you’re an avid selfie taker like myself, you’ll know that front camera quality is usually sketchy even in the best lighting situations. The front camera on this handset is incredibly crisp – so much so that my friend here in this shot was quite impressed with the quality and you can almost count his chest hairs (haha sorry Adnan).



The two-day battery life was incredibly useful considering I didn’t have much time to attach myself to a charging port and my phone is constantly merged to my hand throughout the day (it’s actually a New Years Resolution for me to be on my phone less). I had the phone on Stamina mode, which meant that I didn’t have to charge it the entire weekend and I was gone for three days.



The last feature that I was impressed with was the level of water resistance the handset had and when you’re entire holiday has you spending most of your time in a sea of water – it’s reassuring to know that your handset will survive even if you spill a glass of water on it.



As you can see I’ve shared a few of my favorite snaps from the trip that have been taken on the Xperia Z5 utilizing the full 23-megapixel functionality. I’ve tried using the camera at different points of the day and with the erratic weather conditions – hopefully you will get a feel of the performance of the camera. As mentioned earlier – my only issue with the camera is the processing time between photos which I found to be a little irritating at points but the result of the photos balanced that out for me.


I’m interested to hear what your experiences have been with the phone if you have tried it or are using it currently? Leave me a comment or ask me any question you like.