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Colours of Italy

This might be a slight (ok, maybe overt) humble brag but I’ve always loved receiving the feedback from others that they love my photos and the way I’ve curated my images. As someone who hasn’t had any formal training – unless you count hours of YouTube tutorials and reviews – I’ve come a long way…

Colours of Marrakech

Colours of Marrakech

Marrakech has been long on my wanderlust list of places to visit and we managed to squeeze in five days on our recent trip. Walking through the labyrinth of the medina, you’re instantly confronted with an overload to all of your senses, which is intensified by the overwhelming heat.  Exotic sights, intoxicating smells, unique sounds…


Yacht Week Thailand – PT I

About three weeks before Christmas I was asked by The Yacht Week if I wanted to join them in Thailand over Christmas. Naturally – who could say no to a week of sailing and sunshine around the Andaman? I’ve found myself with almost three and a half hours worth of video footage and have decided…


Testing Sony’s Xperia Z5

  I was asked by the lovely team at Sony Mobile to test out the camera capabilities of their recently launched Xperia Z5. Can you think of a better way to showcase the camera than the incredibly serene and postcard perfect Whitsundays? I couldn’t.     In a world where we’re capturing all of our…

Hamilton Island with Sony

I’m sure that everyone has seen from my Instagram that I was recently fortunate enough to be sent to Hamilton Islands by Sony Australia with their 4K Action Cam to film my experience. An incredible long weekend spent on the island just playing around with my new toys. So what was my experience with the…

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