Hamilton Island with Sony

Ham copy

I’m sure that everyone has seen from my Instagram that I was recently fortunate enough to be sent to Hamilton Islands by Sony Australia with their 4K Action Cam to film my experience. An incredible long weekend spent on the island just playing around with my new toys. So what was my experience with the camera you say? I loved it. The amount of attention this little puppy received was incredible and I managed to capture every key moment of my stay.


In terms of how friendly it is to operate I would say if I can work this little gadget then I would say my 70 year old grandmother could use it too – mind you I am embarrassingly technologically challenged despite attempting to forge my career as a digital influencer (shh). Now whether my grandmother would go jet-skiing or snorkeling is a whole other issue – ha – I just giggled at the thought. The functions on the camera itself are self-explanatory and very user friendly. Upon opening my goodies I was able to figure out what to do fairly quickly without having to revert to the instruction manual (does anyone else hate loathe instruction manuals like I do? It’s like I’m allergic).


In relation to the image quality, I would say for such a compact camera –it is amazing; perfectly captured the mood of the entire weekend. I filmed 95% of the video on my own with the exception of one scene (I’ll leave you guys to figure out which one) and thoroughly encourage solo travellers to invest in this little beauty to document their adventures. I hope you guys enjoy my little video that I’ve put together for you! I know the kind lifeguard (Josh) who took me out sailing is going to hate me for including him in the video but it was just so much fun I couldn’t resist! Sorry Josh.

I’m thoroughly excited to be documenting my future travels with this little beauty and showing to you all the results. Next stop: Hong Kong.



Guys let me know your thoughts on the video – any feedback is welcomed xx