#ShareAnExperience with Adrenalin


It’s amazing how fast Christmas has crept up on us and now I’m finding that there is just so much work to tie up before I enjoy my Christmas break. Does anyone else find physical gifts a bore now? My family and friends will always ask what I’d like for my birthday or for Christmas and I always find myself struggling to think of anything. Sure there are things that I’d like to have but do I really need it or I guess the right question to ask is – will I really appreciate it?


I’ve found that with age (I’m not that old) that I welcome experiences with my family and friends a lot more than materialism. Thanks to Adrenalin.com.au I was able to give a special gift to a friend – the gift of throwing her out of a plane. I know, I’m terrible – but lucky for Tiffany she isn’t scared of heights and can pilot small planes herself – all that was left was to actually jump from one.


When I spoke to Amelia Jones (Director of Adrenlin) about the #ShareAnExperience campaign, I was instantly onboard with the message that was being conveyed and that is – to reconnect with the real world and sharing unforgettable moments with your nearest and dearest. I have put together a short video to showcase the fun day I had with Tiffany and well done to her for conquering her first jump! #GiveAdrenalin


If you’re struggling as much as I am to think of the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones then head to Adrenaline and check out the arsenal of experiences they have to offer. I’ll bet you there is something for everyone. I am currently convincing myself that shark tank diving is a good idea. Watch this space guys.