Ten Minutes with The Lust List

I was lucky enough to spend my Monday with the woman behind The Lust List as she walked me through all the magic that happens behind the scenes. Watch my vlog from the day and see how she creates those frame-worthy illustrations.

You may have seen her carefully curated illustrations across Instagram and come to realise just how lust worthy everything is in watercolor and for a long time, I wondered who was behind the incredible account (@_thelustlist_). We naturally gravitate towards people we feel we can relate to or aspire to be more like and Sally Spratt is certainly a woman that inspires courage and creativity. Fate had us seated next to each other one afternoon for a press lunch and from there we felt instantly connected to each other’s story.


Ten Minutes with the Illustrator Behind The Lust List: Sally Spratt

If you hadn’t found your love and calling in fashion illustration, where would you be right now?  Sally Spratt - The Lust List
Probably working as a graphic designer for a fashion label and still drawing on the side, hoping to make the leap to what I am doing now.


How has your technique evolved through time? 
I started off with a whimsical technique that was quite quick and less about perfection. Over the last 4 years, it has developed into one where I am painting layers upon layers to get the right tone and detail of the product. I am a lot more focused and patient now.


How do you stay inspired and where do you find your inspiration? 
Balance is the key to inspiration for me. Regular exercise, socializing, social media, blogs, podcasts, interviews & most importantly sleep. It’s is a delicate balance. When I have all of that I am always stimulated and inspired.

Tell me about a pinch me moment that you’ve had in your career thus far.
I do this daily! I love what I do and the freedom I have to create.


The Lust List Dolce GabbanaWhat is your favorite thing to illustrate? I love to illustrate intricate gold jewelry.


If you were given one opportunity to travel back in time to one point in your life to relive – what moment would you choose?  
I don’t know whether I would strangely enough. Every moment has taught me a lesson which I am so grateful for. I am really excited about paving my way to the future.


Describe yourself in three words. Happy, driven, creative

What is your spirit animal and why? An Otter. They are playful, relaxed and love the water.


The Lust List - Love - Valentines Day

If you could pack your things and move anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? I would move to L.A. It’s full of art, creatives, beaches and a city of go-getters.

If you were stranded on an island – name five things you’d bring and who would you want to be stuck on the island with? 
I could probably be stranded with one of my best friends and old housemate – G (very easygoing and fun to live with), and I would need to take with me a hammock, matches, sunscreen, a really long book and a towel.


Tell us something about yourself that others might find quirky. 
Hot chips, popcorn, pizza and wine are my vices when I’m feeling out of sorts. Not all at once, but any of these will guarantee a promotion to ‘best friend’ status if you buy it for me without me asking! Haha I can be bought! 😉


Quick fire:

  1. Coffee or tea? Coffee
  2. Pizza or pasta? Pizza
  3. Dogs or cats? Dogs
  4. Rome or Paris? Paris
  5. Summer or winter? Summer
  6. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? Ryan Reynolds
  7. Taylor Swift or Beyonce? Beyonce
  8. Valentino or Balenciaga? Valentino
  9. Favourite fragrance? Bvlgari Rose Goldea
  10. Gossip girl or 90210? Gossip Girl
  11. Best concert you’ve attended? Adele
  12. Most interesting read? New Scientist online magazine
  13. Favourite city in the world? Prague
  14. Best disney film? The Lion King
  15. If you could be a disney princess who would you be? Pocahontas
  16. Do you watch the bachelor? Yes!
  17. What super power would you like to have? Teleportation


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