Christian Louboutin x Marie Claire HK

“I was always fascinated by how much the eyes say.Christian Louboutin Beauty, Marie Claire HK The eyes have a life. Makeup only accentuates what you want to reveal.” – Christian Louboutin 


I couldn’t agree more with the man behind the iconic red sole that every woman has grown to lust after. I’ve always opted for a simple liner when it comes to an everyday eye look and with the launch of Christian Louboutin Beaute’s new eye range, he’s taken eye looks to a new realm. The products have been designed to amplify the essence hidden within your eyes. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with the team at Christian Louboutin Beaute and the Marie Claire team in Hong Kong during my trip in February where we created two key beauty looks. My favourite of course being the unique red liner that is synonymous to the Louboutin brand.

If there’s one thing that I love about the brand’s aesthetic is the luxe and edgy packaging that all the products come in. Since launching the nail lacquers in 2014 and the lipsticks a year later, Louboutin has continued with the art deco theme. The Oeil Vinyle Ink Liner comes in slender packaging reminiscent of a dagger (that should probably be kept well out of reach of children) and the Les Yeux Noirs Amplifying Mascara – in ornate ribbed brass and black crown packaging.


What does everybody think of the shoot?

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Christian Louboutin Beauty, Marie Claire Hong Kong

Christian Louboutin Beauty