The Denim that Every Girl Needs

If you haven’t caught on already, my style is all about being comfortable and functional.Grana Turkish Denim Jeans
I’ve had a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans for as long as I can remember. Let’s face it, they don’t scream first class comfort and if you don’t have the right type of denim you’re left with either accentuated curves in all the wrong places or unflattering muffin tops or worse – both. It took me months before I found a pair of acceptable skinny jeans that wasn’t – saggy on the toosh, fitted enough around the calf but not so fitted that it smothers your thighs or pancakes your rear and had the pocket placements in just the right places to give you the illusion of those voluptuous Kimmy K curves. #FirstWorldGirlProblems ya feel?

I turned my back on skinnies the minute oversized mom jeans started flooding the streetstyle scene and my body and self-esteem thanked me for it. No more agonizing leg sessions at the gym in hopes of widening that elusive thigh gap that all girls wish they had but will often begrudgingly forgo for a half dozen donuts. No more standing in the middle of fitting rooms scrutinizing how your legs look like wrapped meat loafs and devising the best course of action to conceal them on your next date.

When I found out that Grana was bringing out their new line of Turkish denim jeans I was a little concerned; the quality was without a doubt going to be perfection but what about the fit? With my 27th birthday recently passing, I’m noticing how increasingly hard it is for me to get away with my bad dietary habits and sporadic urges to exercise once every month. You’re probably rolling your eyes thinking how self-absorbed and vain this girl is for thinking that she looked fat in fitted jeans but I assure you it’s quite the contrary.

Grana Turkish Denim

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something I’ve always felt strongly about and what you wear can contribute immensely to your confidence. Imagine my surprise when I pulled on these new khaki denim babies to find a flattering and comfortable fit.

Grana Turkish Denim Streetstyle
Balancing out your outfit is key to nailing the look and if you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit like a glove then your top half should be the reverse. I’ve gone with two slightly varied looks for different occasions – relaxed and street versus smart casual. The colours in the collection have easy wearability and of course my favourite is khaki (surprise, surprise).


3 Ways to Make Skinny Jeans Flattering for your Body


1. Layer Up Top – either an oversized boyfriend blazer over a loose fitted tee or perhaps a duster coat will generally elongate your body and take the emphasis away from any unflattering lines skinny jeans can create. To elevate your outfit for an effortless transition from day to night, try wearing a formal dress on top to juxtapose the two. Oversized cardigans also work too when you’re wanting comfort but also finesse to your look.


2. Avoid Unflattering Shades or Jeans with Too Much Whiskering – the obvious is to go for the darker denim washes but if you do fancy a light wash denim then try to avoid the ones with whiskering around the thighs or fading in these areas because let’s face it, we want to divert attention away from them.

Grana Turkish Denim Jeans

3. Experiment with Different Shoes – try different boots for different silhouettes and cuts for your jeans. Ankle boots are perfect for cropped jeans to show off your ankles or alternatively try sneakers with cropped jeans for day-to-day wearability.


Try out their denim for yourself and let me know your thoughts guys! of course, as a treat for all you lovely readers – enter ‘HELENxGRANA‘ at checkout to receive 10% discount and free shipping.