The Wardrobe Staples You Need From Country Road

When people mention Country Road the thoughts that instantly come to mind are elegant minimalism, everyday versatility and affordably on-trend sans ostentation. The brand has cemented its presence in the Australian market as a place for quality fashion and sophisticated living that appeals to a diverse demographic which goes beyond just womenswear.

A few years ago and I use the word few very loosely, I was foraging through my mothers Country Road Denim clothing from the early 90s and came across this beautiful white linen A-line maxi dress that I instantly fell in love with. I ran over to mother dearest and asked if I could have the dress under the guise that she was no longer going to fit into it and I would graciously relieve her of this piece to free up space for her new clothes – cheeky, I know. I looked at the label and wasn’t surprised to find a Country Road tag and asked immediately how long ago she had purchased this and found out that the dress was about the same age as I was – nailing the definition of timelessness.

After previewing their new season collection a few weeks back I felt inspired to put together a story on how to turn their key pieces into wardrobe staples. The brand’s signature silhouettes are easy to work into your daily wardrobe and the combinations between all the pieces I’ve chosen is endless.

Country Road Long Line Trench Country Road Long Line Trench Coat Country Road Long Line Trench

The Long Line Trench

I’ve always been an advocate for mixing textures and juxtaposing typically evening fabrics with casual accessories. The cotton long line trench is magic when it comes to elevating your formal look or dressing down for relaxed occasions. It doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing underneath this go-with-anything shade because it’ll perfectly raise your weekend denim uniform and will complement any corporate ensemble.

Country Road Velvet Classic Suit

Country Road Black Suit VelvetThe Classic Suit (with a twist)

This is no ordinary suit – this is a velvet suit. It comes with all the Hugh Hefner goodness minus the robe but all the lushness that’ll make you go ga-ga over. Finding a classic suit for your wardrobe that makes you feel empowered can take time but if you’re searching and come across something different – velveteen different – then why not give it a whirl?

Country Road always has roomier cuts to suit all body shapes and wearing a suit jacket oversized is a great way to give the look a tomboy street twist. If you’re feeling really plucky then why not venture out with a suit with nothing underneath – a trend adopted by many of those who grace the red carpet. Alternatively you can lose the jacket and pair the velvet trousers with a crisp white shirt. Wear it un-tucked or half-tucked but never fully tucked – we’re no longer in school.

Country Road Velvet Blazer           Country Road Velvet Trousers     Country Road Velvet Trousers

The Slip Dress Country Road Velvet Slip Dress

The 90s are back and the simple slip dress can be your best friend when it comes to layering and the staple in your wardrobe that will never go out of style. It can be a lone wolf and styled on its own or it can be team player. Throw an open shirt, a leather jacket, a blazer or sweater over it and you’ll have yourself completely different looks every time. I’ve chosen to layer the slip dress over a classic striped top and dressed this with sneakers and the trench. Feeling confused as to whether this passes for a day look or a night look? I call it smart casual.

The Oversized Sweater

I think the oversized sweater essential is self-explanatory but wearing the comfy and oversized knit with denim is the easiest way to rock a weekend look. The permutations between these staples are endless and when you throw accessories and shoes into the mix then the possibilities are endless.

Country Road White Oversized Sweater         Country Road Oversized Sweater  Country Road Velvet Slip Dress

Set yourself the challenge and go into your wardrobe and pick out the pieces that you think are staples and then start mixing them up. You can thank me later when a multitude of looks start to magically form that you had never thought of before.

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This post was created in collaboration with Country Road.


Helen Chik is a Sydney based fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle digital content creator and influencer sharing everything from unique style to her adventures around the world through her rainbow tinted lenses.

  • Yes to all of these! I especially love the slip dress =o)

  • Paige Strand

    Omg gotta love the 90s! I love all of these 🙂

  • Deddeh Howard

    Omg girl, these images are amazing. I need that location in my life lol. The black set is everything.

  • Christine

    I am seriously obsessing over all these pieces from Country Road and also all your editorial photos! That classic trench is a timeless piece and a must have for Fall and Spring and who doesn’t need a fabulous velvet suit?! I am all about oversized sweaters as well so this one you picked is perfect. I had no idea that Country Road had so many wonderful pieces. I need to check them out now! xoxo, Christine

  • Candace

    Such a great idea to steal that maxi dress from your mother. It really is the true definition of timeless and it looks great with that button front denim skirt! I’ll never get over how long it took me to get into the slip dress trend. There’s just so many ways it can be worn!

  • Kate Tik

    Wow! I am loving all these pieces. I feel like they are truly timeless and classy in all its essence. I would have to say that the trench coat is my absolute favorite. Love how you styled everything.

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    I love the look with you in the suit! It’s so stylish and portraits your personalities well! Bold and stylish !

    Btw, where did u fly in Australia to get those dessert shots taken?


  • I’m so impressed with these quality and classic pieces. I’m especially fascinated by that velvet suit. It’s beautiful and elegant! You look incredible in everything! These are such a unique twist on those necessary basics. I am definitely going to be checking out more from Country Road!

    Stephanie //

  • These are all gorgeous – and I swear meant for your body! I think my favorite item is the suit – so classic and gorgeous! Looking amazing babe, as always! xoxo

  • Bernice Abuan

    Country Road is my go to place for office clothes! I love their functional designs and how easily the pieces can be work at a creative workplace and then afterwards for drinks!

  • All of these basics are amazing!!! I love this round up, and now you are making me want to shop some Country Road gear! You look amazing

  • I’m a BIG fan of a good trench coat Helen! The trench is such an essential and I literally couldn’t live without mine! Mine’s blue, but I need to get a camel one!! Each of these pieces can be used day/night, work/play!
    Jordan xx

  • I love how all of these designs are so timeless and can be worn over and over again and passed down, just like your mom passed the shirt down to you 🙂 So in love with these photos too!

  • I’ve actually never heard of this brand if you can believe that but what beautiful pieces! I’m dying over that velvet suit! You can rock anything girl!

  • Thanks for sharing this gorgeous line! Their effortlessly chic aesthetic is after my own heart! I love that you discovered their line by looking through your mom’s closet. Such a timeless label indeed.

    xo, Jo

  • gorgeous looks as always helen! i really love that long trench coat and only wish it was a little cooler out in the desert for me to wear something like that now lol. that camisole dress + oversized sweater is probably my favorite look from this set! love how effortless yet chic it is 🙂 hope you’re having a wonderful weekend gorgeous! xoxo, sharon

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    We’re talking of a multitude of looks here that I really adore. All in the spirit of Country Road and there are some trends that really get me going! As a 90s kid I’m overjoyed by the fact that my childhood trends are coming back (but looking SO much better than they did back then, haha) and oversized sweaters are just my faves to wear whenever and wherever! Truly love them. Thanks for sharing a whole bunch of styling tips!

  • Sarah M Velasco

    Okay I literally love everything that you just posted right now! All those outfits and pairings look absolutely stunning! I’m definitely going out to check out that website!


  • Ariel Theresa

    These are soooo pretty!!! I love that trends come around again. I especially love that Country Road has such good quality that they have lasted for so many years.

  • That velveteen suit looks amazing and has a total lounge vibe. Although, you must’ve sweated up a storm in the desert in that one. Such a cool collection!

    xx Yasmin

  • OMG I can’t even pick out which outfit I like the most! I think all of them definitely have their own elegance to them! Country Road has some awesome pieces 🙂 p.s. this scenery though! How are you not sweating?!

    With love, Jenn

  • Nadia

    Those are such classic statement pieces lovely!! A classic trench is always in no matter what era it is <3 Love the idea of a classic suit with a twist 😉 It's so fab! You look amazing, sweetie!! Hope you're having the best week <3
    xox Nadia

  • Marcy Yu

    Absolutely love all this statement pieces!!! You look fabulous in all the looks and pics babe. Never heard of this brand but will check it out for sure!
    My fav for sure was the trench coat


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