The Ultimate Baby Haul from TK Maxx

I love to shop for myself. But I love shopping for Jacob more. I never thought I’d see myself typing those words because I bloody love to shop. Frugal doesn’t exist in my vocabulary when it comes to my spending sentiments on clothes. This is probably (most definitely) the reason why for the past decade, I’ve amassed a mountain of…

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Invest In Your Knitwear This Winter

It’s always bitter sweet when we have to stash away our gorgeous floral dresses, daisy dukes and skimpy bathers at the end of summer. Never fear because there’s always a soft cashmere lining waiting on the other side – it’s sweater weather! I know I keep reminding you guys that I live in the blessed Land of Oz where the…

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Christmas Shopping for Her at TK Maxx

Don’t you just love the feeling when you’ve found a store that not only satisfies your needs for designer handbags but also your propensities for hoarding adorable yet necessary trinkets. I say necessary because this is what I tell my partner each time I come home with something new in tow. Yes – I definitely need this luxe make up…

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