Neon Blush

If there is any day that you find yourself staring blankly into your closet, dig out your ripped jeans and white tank and you’re set to go. Time and again I find myself drawing a blank on a lazy weekend looking for the perfect outfit to go shopping in. I threw in a bright blazer just to bring summer to…

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Miss Stan

So what happens when your grandma comes up to you after dinner one night and asks if you need help with a few photos? This happens. Let me just put it out there that I think my grandma is superwoman secretly. She has enough energy, boldness and drive in her that if you stuck her in a cage with a…

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Persimmon Shade

I recently made an investment purchase of a Canon 5D Mark II and am completely amazed at the quality of photos that it produces. I am still trying to get the chemistry just right but am still incredibly impressed with the initial images it has delivered.   I ventured out with an old friend to test out the camera and…

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