Miss Stan

Adidas Stan Smith

Chanel 2.55

So what happens when your grandma comes up to you after dinner one night and asks if you need help with a few photos? This happens. Let me just put it out there that I think my grandma is superwoman secretly. She has enough energy, boldness and drive in her that if you stuck her in a cage with a lion; Simba had better be careful. You could even throw in a tiger just for good measure too and she’d be just fine. I’m totally kidding, who would throw their grandma into a cage with a lion right?


Just when I thought she couldn’t have any more talents hidden up her sleeve, I find out she’s also quite the photographer and a quick study. Granted I have to get everything set up on the camera for her and three quarters of her photos focus on a tree rather than me but the ones that are in focus, are perfect.


This was just a casual outfit for a Sunday dinner with my family. Who can go wrong with shorts and a perfect pair of white sneakers?


Outfit: Shirt – Equipment, Shorts – Scanlan & Theodore, Scarf – Kookai, Bag – Chanel, Sneakers – Adidas