Persimmon Shade

Cockatoo Island

Celine Trapeze

Burberry Scarf

Cockatoo Island

I recently made an investment purchase of a Canon 5D Mark II and am completely amazed at the quality of photos that it produces. I am still trying to get the chemistry just right but am still incredibly impressed with the initial images it has delivered.


I ventured out with an old friend to test out the camera and shot these images at Cockatoo Island. We experimented with a variety of backdrops in this abandoned navy shipyard and let me tell you, it was incredibly fun tiptoeing around; trying to avoid bird droppings.


As for the outfit, I have never been one to venture into oranges or red when shopping for outfits; preferring only to accessorize with scarves or handbags. When I saw this knitted top and had a coin toss between a banana yellow or persimmon orange; I told myself to give the orange a chance. Anxiously making the purchase online I thought about how accurate the color representation was on the image because we all know that online stores ‘tweak’ their images to make the product more appealing. I have certainly had my share of experiences with misleading images of products.


One time, after excitedly slashing the box that my local DHL man delivers to my desk (who now knows who I am because we have a date almost weekly), I was greeted with a blinding Faber-Castell highlighter green smock rather than a perfect citrus green summer dress. To be fair, it could be useful for those planning to go spelunking in dark caves, at least no one will have troubles spotting you. Fortunately the orange was beautiful and I’m finding myself venturing beyond my normal color palettes.


What colors does everyone else avoid generally?


Outfit: Michael Kors top, Nili Lotan trousers, Celine bag, Burberry scarf, Salvatore Ferragamo sandals, Chanel cuff, Hermes Necklace