Resolutions 15′

Kate Spade Clutch
Zara pleated dress - gold
Kate Spade Clutch

A stark realization that has daunted on me this past week is that in just 2 months time, I will be hitting a quarter of a century and I can honestly say that I am terrified as my 21st birthday felt like yesterday. I don’t know where the last 4 years have disappeared but I am sincerely hoping that Google will have an answer for me. We’re now already mid-January and my New Years Resolutions still have not materialized magically for me so here I am sitting on a rush hour train service; hoping for something miraculous and biblical to happen.


The irony of this all is that looking back on myself during my terrible teen years where rebellious could only be categorized as a lenient description of me; I found myself wishing that time would go ever faster so that I could supposedly ‘grow up’. I now find myself wishing that time would slow down just a fraction, just enough to allow me to enjoy and savor those precious moments.


I digress, so back to the matter at hand. Exclusively in this order, here are my three main resolutions (there are many more but baby steps):

1. Thou shalt not be lazy and be proactive in improving ones health both mentally and physically. As you may have read in earlier posts that my health has not been 100% for the last 18 months; the goal this year is to recharge and revitalize.

2. Thou shalt save more and resist impulse shopping. As my husband likes to religiously remind me on an almost hourly basis that he isn’t a walking credit card and I am NOT the daughter of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

3. Thou shalt put every item of clothing, accessory and shoe in the stable to good use. You know you have problems when you venture into the bowels of your wardrobe labyrinthine and come across an item that either one, still has its price tags attached. Or two, was an ensemble purchased for a casual Sunday lunch with the girls but warranted a complete new outfit; which admittedly you wore once and forgot all about, the minute you got home and changed into your sweatpants.


What are everyone else’s New Years Resolutions?


Outfit: Dress by Zara, Clutch by Kate Spade, Shoes by Charlotte Olympia, Sunglasses by Celine, Earrings by Tilkah, Cuff by Mimco