Sydney Airport // Worth Arriving Early For

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always looked forward to arriving at the airport early regardless of where I’m going. Whilst counting down the days to each new adventure is as much exciting as it is frustrating; what I really look forward to is spending those precious hours before my flight. Does that make me weird? Mind you, this doesn’t apply to all airports because I assure you; I’ve been to a few dumps in my time. *Cough* Marrakech *Cough* (You will literally be better off abandoned in the middle of the desert than being stuck in this airport and I’ll tell you the story later)


Sydney Airport ShoppingSeriously though, the airport experience is so important because it sets the tone for your trip. Imagine if you arrived at an airport that looked like a dumpster and smelt even worse, then being confronted with the worlds longest customs queue only to be greeted with a disgraceful fast food kiosk and nothing else airside. I don’t know about you guys but I would be beyond disappointed!


I’ve always considered my expenditure inside airports to be of no-consequence – it’s not real money – in my eyes. Ha… I can see my husband spewing blood reading this but truth is, I’ve never thought twice about splurging on a new perfume or adding lipstick number 3843 to my collection. It sounds silly but I’ve always found that people are impartial to spending their hard earned (in most cases) cash when they’re in the airport.


What’s the mentality behind this?


Sydney Airport GucciMy theory is that we’re all (generally) excited to be escaping the rat race and thinking about the fiscal consequence of our discretionary purchases is of lesser importance when we know we’re about to go somewhere better. We can deal with the credit card bill when we get back. Have you found yourself saying that? I’m so guilty of this and if this were ever made illegal then I would perpetually end up in the slammer with no chance of parole.


Coincidentally – actually nothing is ever a coincidence with me – we found ourselves flying out to Bali on the day of my birthday. My age is to remain top secret. 28. Can you see that? Ha! I digress; I thought this would be the perfect time for me to find myself a birthday present because why not? After all, it doesn’t count when it’s tax-free! With all the new boutiques opening in the shiny new Sydney Airport, it was the best two hours I’ve ever spent. Tiffany & Co., Hermes, Rolex, Burberry and a personal favourite, Gucci are just a few of the guilty pleasures available.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a single girl who doesn’t like meandering through the beauty floor. So what if we have 15 mascaras (each for a different occasion of course) packed already? I’ve always allowed myself a little purchase from the beauty counters and you’ll find all your cult favourites at Sydney Airport – NARS, Tom Ford, Benefit, Estee Lauder, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown and I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.

Gucci Sydney Airport

So why shop at Sydney Airport?


  • Tax-free prices – duh! Who doesn’t love to get things cheaper?! You can save on some of your favourite perfumes (including J’Adore for only $196!)
  • Purchase travel exclusive products in categories such makeup, skincare and even confectionary! Did someone say jumbo sized Toblerone? If you’re lucky, you’ll even get gifts with purchases 😉
  • Sometimes you’ll find things not stocked at your retail stores in town and very often exclusive products like rare luxury watches will only be stocked in international airports. If you’re a Moet fan, Sydney Airport is the exclusive stockist for Moet Ice!


Sydney Airport Worth Arriving Early For    Sydney Airport

I’ve clearly boarded my flight a happy camper because I had to rush to my gate to board because I didn’t have a minute to spare! After finally convincing Chris that I needed yet another bag we decided to set our sights on Gucci. I think my little Sydney Airport haul looks pretty good right? Definitely #WorthArrivingEarly For.

So how early do you guys get to the airport normally?

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This post has been created in collaboration with Sydney Airport, however all opinions remain my own.