Timeless Autumn/Winter Trends 18’

I feel like I’ve been completely robbed of summer this year because I spent the majority being heavily pregnant and the rest of it in a post pregnancy haze where the last ten weeks have been an absolute blur. I have to be honest; I am definitely a summer girl and enjoy wearing a breezy maxi dress over layering myself up like Michelin man any day. Though I can’t deny the fact that you can have so much more fun with fashion choices during the cooler months and luckily for us – in the blessed Land of Oz, it really doesn’t get cold enough to require too many layers.

Whilst it pains me to be waving a tearful goodbye to summer, I’m also excited to be able to start playing around with some Autumn/Winter trends for the season. I recently visited a TK Maxx store in Sydney and decided to see what trends I could spot in the buying assortment and what I could do to put the Helen twist to each of them.


Autumn Winter Trends 2018, Leopard


I’ve never been one to buy into fleeting trends that have the shelf life of a banana but rather trends that are consistent each year so that nothing you buy will go to waste. I’m also big on wearability too because not every woman will be as adventurous and ostentatious as fashion editors, bloggers and influencers. So here are the timeless Autumn/Winter trends for 2018 that women should invest in.

Timeless Autumn/Winter Trends 18’

Be Bold with Leopard

I don’t think leopard print will ever really go out of fashion if you style it right and no, you won’t look like Scary Spice if you wear it. If leopard spots aren’t your thing then play with other animal prints because designers like Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham have brought back the statement outerwear to the scene. When you’re wearing darker colours and want to liven up your look – a leopard print coat will do the trick.

Autumn Winter Trends - Leopard   Timeless Autumn Winter Trends 18

Designers adopting the trend: Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Badgley Mischka, Victoria Beckham

Be Bright with Red

Red isn’t for everyone. Whilst I’ve always shied away from wearing the colour, there’s no denying that the recurring colour that’s sashaying down runways this season is red. This doesn’t mean you have to be dressed fully in red because let’s be real – how many of us can really pull such a look off? Even just a hint of the colour in your accessories or a simple tee is enough.

Autumn Winter Trends 2018   Autumn Winter Trends 18 Red

Designers adopting the trend: Marc Jacobs, Zadig & Voltaire, Carolina Herrera, Oscar De La Renta, Coach

Be Casual with Denim on Denim

Denim isn’t going anywhere and neither is the denim on denim look. Whatever your preference of cut is, layering denim on denim will always earn you points in the style game and if you can find other ways to add an element of individuality to the equation then you’ll be primed to be the best dressed in any room.

Autumn Winter Trends 18 Denim on Denim   Denim on Denim

Designers adopting the trend: Dior, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney

Be Sporty with Athletic Stripes

Sport-luxe inspired looks aren’t going anywhere this season and the athletic stripe is making it big across the fashion scene. Just be wary that you don’t look like you’re trying out for the national basketball draft! The stripe need not only be on track pants but even on denim jeans!

Designers adopting the trend: Off-White, Christian Dior, Balenciaga

Denim on DenimSo if you’re wondering, my outfits have been shopped from TK Maxx (minus accessories) and I am excited to head back in for another shopping trawl in time for Fashion Week Australia. I’ve always stood by the principle that expensive doesn’t always equal stylish and true fashion girls know how to rock an outfit that costs $100 over $10,000.

If you find yourself with a spare half an hour to peacefully browse then I suggest heading into your closest TK Maxx store and walk down every aisle because you never know what brands and hidden treasures you’ll find in each rack. What makes it even better is that most things you’ll find cost less than $50 and there’s always a great mix of local and international brands.


What Autumn/Winter trend are you looking forward to wearing this season?



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This post has been created in collaboration with TK Maxx Australia, however all opinions remain solely my own.