Blogger Tips

How to: Start Your Own Blog – Beginners Guide

Have you been thinking about starting your own blog for ages but been deterred by the fact that you just don’t know where to start? If you’ve found yourself in a mundane day job where flicking erasers into cups across the room seems more entertaining (like myself two years ago) and wanting a “creative outlet”…

DIY Marble Flatlay Background

How to: DIY Marble Background for Flatlays

When I first started blogging, I attempted my first flatlay using the white sheets on my bed as a background. For a while it did the trick but the uneven surface eventually got frustrating and not being able to move my bed around to adjust to the lighting in my room was impossible to say…

Photography Tips for Bloggers

Photography Tips for Bloggers

Photography is a crucial element of blogging and social media these days that we can’t afford to be lazy on. It’s also one of the elements that takes time, patience and perseverance to truly master. Truth is, the prettier and more Instagrammable our images are – the more people will be enticed to come back…

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Flatlay

Tips for Creating the Perfect Flatlay

As a blogger or business owner, you’ll find yourself inevitably at one stage trying to compose the perfect flatlay image. Flatlays are what I call organised chaos and are always carefully constructed (no matter how much we try to make them look as though we found it in our room this way) with an natural…

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

This has probably been THE most requested post by everyone that I have ever met or chatted to via socials – how I edit my Instagram photos. I shared with you my favourite phone editing apps in my Colours of Vietnam post so now I’m here to share with you step-by-step on how I actually…

Best Photo Editing Apps

Colours of Vietnam

I used to always find myself taking thousands upon thousands of pictures whilst on trips but never finding the time to take them off my cameras, let alone transferring them across to my phone. It’s not uncommon for me to go through my hard drives and find images that I didn’t know I had, just…


Colours of Italy

This might be a slight (ok, maybe overt) humble brag but I’ve always loved receiving the feedback from others that they love my photos and the way I’ve curated my images. As someone who hasn’t had any formal training – unless you count hours of YouTube tutorials and reviews – I’ve come a long way…

Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong

Colours of Hong Kong

I am no stranger to colour in both my style and photography, and I truly believe that being surrounded by colour can change the way you think and feel.   I’ve always considered myself to be a somewhat tech geek and have tried many different cameras in my time, but no one has been able…