7 Reasons Why You Need the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Have you ever had a bestie call you up for a spontaneous girl date and wonder how you’re going to look fabulous when she only gives you half an hour to get ready? My best friend and I have known each other for over fourteen years and whenever she calls to catch up (and sometimes we will go months without seeing each other), I’ll drop everything to go spend quality girl time with her – no matter how last minute it is. Having go-to hair looks that you can always rely on is so much easier when you’re able to give yourself a salon quality blow dry in the comforts of your own home.

Some people are born with a natural talent for creating amazing hair and knowing what to do with it. Sadly I am not one of them and to this day I still cannot braid my own hair. Shameful, I know. Needless to say that being a hairdresser was probably at the bottom of my list of aspirations since I was a child and for a good reason too. So with what little talent I have for hairstyling, if there ever was a machine that could solve my problems for creating everyday hair looks then I’ll trade my next three shoes purchases in for it. Truth be told I’ve never been able to give myself a salon finish blow dry until I started using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.


7 Reasons Why You Need the Supersonic Hair Dryer:

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer1. It’s perfectly weighted with the motor inside the handle as opposed to the nozzle as with most standard dryers in the market. This means that for those who aren’t hairdressers and are used to doing 10-20 blow-dries a day that your arms won’t get tired from using it.

2. Intelligent heat control ensures that your hair isn’t exposed to excessive temperatures and protects your hair’s natural shine.

3. The nozzle is magnetic and very easy to interchange between the three attachments that come with your set. The smoothing nozzle dries your hair gently using smooth wide air, allowing you to dry and style simultaneously. Gone are the days where you’ll hear me squeal on the occasion (it happens to me more frequently than expected) that I scorch my face from placing the nozzle too close.

4. The fast, yet focused airflow lets you dry and style at the same time.

5. It looks chic and luxurious.

6. It leaves your hair with a natural shine (sans hair product) and volume and achieves basic hair styling such as sleek straight hair in just 10 minutes without using any additional styling tools.

7. It’s super quiet compared to your average hair dryers on the market.


So let me show you some of the endless possibilities that the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has opened up my world to thanks to their £50 million investment. I’ve grown incredibly time poor these days and as I imagine, the majority of women in the 21st century are time poor once they leave the laidback sanctuary we refer to as high school. Here are two easily achievable hair looks that can be slightly altered for different occasions.


The Sleek High Ponytail:

The thing I love about this is that it looks incredibly chic with both casual and formal wear. Ponytails have been around since the days of cavemen and whilst there has been some evolution since then; the style has remained on trend. The inner queen of practicality also screams efficiency in that it takes no time to achieve and keeps the hair off your face throughout the day – so incredibly convenient for the days where you wish you could shave your head because of the added heat your hair gives you. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Step 1: Divide your hair and begin drying from the back using a large round brush and in a downward motion with the smoothing nozzle.

Step 2: Run fingers through hair and apply a small amount of hair spray whilst lifting from the roots to ensure the hold lasts throughout the day.

Step 3: Flip your hair over and gather it just below the crown of your head and then use your brush to smooth out the unwanted bumps.

Step 4: Use a bungee hair tie to tie up your ponytail.

Step 5: Apply either a light hair gel and smooth over the top or use a light hair spray over the top to prevent baby hairs from going astray.

Sleek Ponytail  Sleek Ponytail


Dyson Supersonic Beachy Waves
The Natural Beach Wave:

I think that this one’s self-explanatory because who wouldn’t want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model? I’ve found two ways of achieving this with one involving a mix of large and medium sized rollers and the other with just a medium sized round brush.

Method 1 (using rollers)

Step 1: First apply a heat protector and dry your hair so that any residual dampness is gone.

Step 2: Separate your hair into strands and apply a light layer of hairspray before rolling your hair with a mixture of large and medium sized rollers.

Step 3: Use the diffuser attachment and apply a steady heat over the rollers.

Step 4: Remove the rollers after they’ve cooled down and brush through the curls to give it a more natural look and feel. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Method 2

Step 1: Same as above.

Step 2: Separate your hair from the bottom layers and roll your hair up and into the round brush whilst applying heat through the smoothing nozzle. When removing the round brush ensure that you retain the curl by twisting the strand whilst it cools and let it fall naturally before working onto your next section.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of shine serum to your palms and massage this into your hair whilst brushing out the curls.

And voila! My two go-to looks which can easily be switched up with the sleek ponytail switched out for sleek straight hair and the beach waves substituted for a messy up-do.


Beachy Waves

What are your go-to hairstyles?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Styles

In collaboration with Dyson – however all opinions expressed are my own.