How La Prairie’s Line Interception Power Duo Changed My Skin

I’ve always been incredibly slack when it comes to following a strict skincare regimen and up until quite recently I’ve always cut corners when it came to looking after my skin but been lucky enough to still have healthy skin. You’re probably thinking here she goes again with her humble brag but I’ve never felt the need to pay too much attention to my skin. On the off chance that a rogue pimple does find its way onto my forehead I tend to panic and reach for every skin product I can dig out of my arsenal.

La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo

So why have I started to pay so much attention to my skin now? Is it because I’m rapidly nearing the turning point of my life where I can no longer classify myself as being in my mid-twenties or is it because those long days under the sun and late nights with girlfriends drinking way too many glasses of bubbly are finally playing a serious game of catch up with me? I’ve recently come to the realization that being comfortable in your own skin is so important and for most ladies it means waking up every morning and throwing a face of make up on before waltzing out for work, meetings, events or all of the above. For me it’s about being able to confidently sashay out of the house without having to wear sunglasses that envelope your entire face and an Adidas cap to hide your breakouts and redness.


Fun Facts: (some are not so fun)

  • Skin is the largest organ on our body
  • Over 50% of the dust in your home is actually dead skin (ew)
  • Collagen is what determines how smooth the skin is. Men have thicker skin than women and get fewer lines and wrinkles than women due to a greater amount of collagen (as if they don’t have it easy already)
  • Every 28 days your skin renews itself


Whilst I don’t believe that skincare regimens need to contain products solely from the same brand, I do believe that certain ingredients are used throughout products of skincare lines and are effective when used in conjunction to each other. Now my skin isn’t as supple and poreless as a VS models’ but if there’s a product that can make me feel confident enough to step out of the house sans make up then I think it’s worth taking a moment to gush about. So what is this magical elixir? Well it’s a healthy combination of fairy dust, unicorn hair and the tears of newborns. Kidding!

La Prairie Line Interception DuoLa Prairie’s new Line Interception Power Duo has recently become my hero with its sleek and efficient design of having both day and night creams in a dual chamber bottle (a traveller’s dream). It’s also been designed with a lock that limits the products’ exposure to oxygen and keeps your possessions safe from mid-air explosions. I’m no skincare expert and without boring you with too much technicality here is what you need to know about the Line Interception Power Duo.

What does it do? La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo

The day formula contains three specialized peptides that prevent the formation of expression lines as well as SPF30, UVA and IRA protection to help defy sun induced damage.

The night formula contains anti-wrinkle peptides that stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and gives your skin the kick it needs to regenerate.

The product has been compared to delivering the same results as botox but over a period of time – its always a bonus when you don’t have to resort to botox.

How does it feel?

  • The day cream is not heavy in consistency despite the SPF protection and feels incredibly light on the skin.
  • The night cream is incredibly soothing and doesn’t leave your skin feeling like you’ve just drowned it in product. (I also love the smell of the night cream.)

Who is it for?

Any woman who is looking to get a head start on fighting fine lines so my recommendation is for any girl 23 years and over and especially those who are quite liberal when it comes to spending time under the sun.

La Prairie Skincare Range

Use it With:

Water Activated Foaming Cleanser $100

Cellular Refining Lotion $125

Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster $375

Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Contour Cream $255


I spent Christmas and New Years in Bali and by that stage I had been trialing a complete La Prairie regimen for just over a week. My skin felt amazing and was glowing (I sh*t you not) so much so that Edward Cullen had nothing on me. I’ve never felt completely confident in stepping out of the house with no make up but this has changed entirely since I started the regime. I even managed to shoot images that made it to my carefully curated Instagram feed and I swear on the life of my first born (I don’t have kids yet) that I was wearing no make up except for a tinted lip balm.


So are you interested in trying the Line Interception Power Duo yet? Tell me more about your experience with La Prairie!

Photos have been shot on location at the Primus Hotel Sydney.

La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo

In collaboration with La Prairie – however all opinions expressed are my own.