8 Things to Spoil Yourself with for Valentines Day

I’m not sure where 2017 has gone but I can’t believe the second largest Hallmark holiday has crept around already. I could’ve sworn I was browsing through Christmas cards just yesterday and now here I am creating Valentines Day content. I remember going through high school pretending to not care (almost grew to loathe) about the day but all the while hoping that someone would send me a thorny rose with a tacky stuffed bear holding an even tackier heart shaped pillow with your name embroidered across it. Needless to say that I’ve had some shocking Valentines Day experiences where I’ve literally been stood up and had someone cancel on me on the day but I’ve also had some incredibly romantic ones too.

Even though I am currently in a happy relationship, seeing/hearing those vomit inducing commercials for heart shaped jewellery and being battered with Valentines themed items when you’re just trying to shop for new gym gear is never fun.


5 Awkward Realities About Valentines Day We All Think About:

Gifts for Valentines Day


  1. Hallmark hasn’t patented a card that wreaks of awkward subtext saying, “I like you but I don’t love you and we haven’t had the talk but Happy Valentines Day”.
  2. There’s nothing commercial out there to get a guy – aside from edible underwear.
  3. Whenever there’s a flower delivery at work, every girl is on edge as they eagerly await the deliveryman to reveal whom the bouquet is for.
  4. We invoke an Instagram ban to avoid seeing nauseating couple selfies, engagement rings on finger shots and images of ludicrously sized stuffed toys.
  5. You’ve just had a fight with your partner but have to park that for the day to celebrate your enduring passion.


8 Things to Spoil Yourself with for Valentines Day:

So instead of having a pity party for one I’ve put together a small collection of things that you can treat yourself (single or taken) or your bestie to this Valentines Day. Lucky for you these items don’t inflate in price just because of one day (even the roses).


  1. Luxe Series Roses from The Billion Roses (that last 1 year) – that’s right, gone are the days of mourning the loss of your beautiful long stemmed roses. These bad boys last for a year and you don’t need to do anything to maintain them.
  2. Verso Skincare Box – the featured box is no longer available but making your own skincare box is as simple as buying a box and some coloured tissue paper. Check out the entire skincare range here.
  3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – you may have already seen the post where I gush over how good this thing is but just in case you haven’t – check it out hereGifts for Valentines Day
  4. Oscar Wylee Sunglasses – because no one can ever have enough shades and these ones just look so cool on!
  5. Zadig & Voltaire, This is Her Fragrance – incredibly feminine and the men’s version is even better.
  6. By Terry Gloss Terrybly Shine – to make you feel like you’re a teenager again with these colours.
  7. Blank NYC Embroidered Moto Jacket – I’ve only just treated myself to this beauty but it is as good as it looks and very reasonably priced.
  8. Smith & Cult Nail Colour – the packaging alone will get you frothing and the colours are all unique.


Who says you need to wait for your other half to spoil yourself? Create your own Valentines Day spread – and I don’t mean that in a kinky way. #StrongIndependentWomenUnite (haha)