Winter Trend: Colourful Embroidered Bombers


Winter is coming. No. Winter is here. Die-hard Game of Thrones fans will know the reference (I’m virtually fist bumping all of you who do understand) and those who don’t – shame. I’m always quite thankful that I don’t live in a country that experiences temperatures in the minus twenties because my wardrobe would go into crisis mode. I would literally walk out of the house in the most unattractive wool thermals, sweats, uggies and a doona wrapped around me. Kudos to the women living in places like Canada and Scandinavia – I’m impressed at how you chicas layer during winter and manage to not look like yetis. Australians have it easy, no thermals are really needed unless you’re at the snow and if the sun’s out to play then summer dresses are still wearable.



Ok so now we’re onto my obsession with bombers and prints. Bombers are great for concealing; the shape makes it easy to layer underneath without actually contributing any additional bulk to your silhouette. With the recent sport luxe trends flooding my newsfeeds – adding a bomber to your look adds an element of sportiness even if you’re not entirely sporty. Guilty. My only exercise is running and I’d be lucky to even squeeze that in these days. So if you find yourself being drawn like a magpie to those silky, colourful looking embroidered jackets – don’t fight it. Join the darkside and start your collection of bomber jackets and we can compare notes on how to style them! I’ve picked this particular number from ASOS and I can’t tell you how much I love the detailing.


How does everybody else feel about the bomber trend?


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  • The Sunday Mode

    I would never have guessed that bomber was from ASOS! I’ve seen so many people rock the bomber trend but for me I can’t imagine myself ever pulling one off.

    Game of Thrones reference was appreciated by me as well, was the ‘shame’ at the end of that sentence another hidden nod to GoT? Clearly I’m suffering from GoT withdrawals, haha

    • HAHA YES!! You got my second GoT reference! Well done girl xxx

      I reckon you should try a khaki bomber! It is a real life saver!!!

      H xx

  • Love your bomber!!
    ||D I A N A||

    • Thank’s darling!! A beauty from ASOS! x

  • Love your outfit! I need to get myself a bomber =o)

  • Such a cute bomber, love it! I used to live in Australia when I was a kid, now i live in Canada and I do miss the mild Aussie winters a lot. Luckily we live in the warmest city so during the winter it usually stays around 0. xx

  • You look amazing, Helen! I love your blog! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend xoxo, sharon

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