A Weekend In Wine Country


When the life of running the interminable rat race gets the better of you, lets face it; with all the social media and digital stimulation we have engulfing every waking moment of our existence – sometimes you just want to voluntarily submit yourself to a digital detox. Unfortunately, in a bloggers line of work a complete stoppage of your connection to the World Wide Web would be sacrilegious and there’s no need to put our willpower through that sort of torture. So the closest thing my diabolical mind could imagine was to take a short trip out of town to the wine country and found myself at the doorstep of Spicers Vineyard Estate. A self-proclaimed Internet junkie like myself felt instantly relaxed and wanting to just sit in the peaceful garden with a good book upon arrival.



We checked in just before midday into our luxury spa suite and being a creature that relishes in the simple touches; seeing a fireplace and bathtub facing a wide open window made me wish we had no other plans so that I could leisurely melt into a warm bubble bath. But alas, there was exploring to be done, wine to be tasted and food babies to be conceived from an abundance of tasty cheese and cold cuts. We arrived at Usher Tinkler Wines and were welcomed by the lovely Ebony and Evelyn. Did I mention this happened on a Monday? Clearly – a tough day at the office.



The transformed church building has an incredible vintage ambiance from the moment you walk through the doors. From the antique wooden furniture, old school record player to the chesterfield lounges and clean white tiles – a total mecca for instagrammers. After lulling us into a state of comatose bliss with their platters of cured meats, bread and cheeses paired with their selection of wines; we managed to waddle to the car to head back home for an evening of relaxation. It’s self-explanatory what I did when I got back to Spicers. That’s right, stripped down and jumped straight into the spa bath. To cap off a good night, cocktails were delivered to your door each day between 5-6pm.



Our second day started with a beautiful breakfast served in the estates restaurant with a tranquil view over the vineyard. We set out for our lunch date but found ourselves with a flat tyre that no one could remove, including roadside assist. So there begins our four-hour detour of riding shotgun in a tow truck to the local dealership and after six mechanics put their best rattle guns forward – the tyre finally surrendered. Thankfully there was a silver lining to the story and I was treated to a relaxing massage at the spa after a day fraught with bad news.



We opted for the breakfast in bed option on our last day and enjoyed a morning of indulgence before saying our farewells to the kind team at Spicers and returning to rejoin the race.


I’ve tried to link everything that I’m wearing below so if you guys are wondering where I got certain pieces from then feel free to drop me an email. Many thanks to the generous hospitality of Spicers Retreats and Usher Tinkler Wines for hosting us – my perpetually expanding waistline is eternally grateful. Haha!