Trendy Tech: Fossil Q

Fossil Q Wander


The days of the tragic looking fitbits are over with the launch of the new Fossil Q smart watch in Australia. It looks like a watch, it acts like a watch but it does more than just keep me on time. It’s a smart watch that isn’t the hideous love child of tech junkies but a classic and simple watch that you can style with almost every outfit.

Zimmermann Dress, Fossil Q Watch


I’ve always thought about whether to compromise on my fashion sensibility and just buy a fitbit to keep tabs on how lazy I am. Thankfully, the new Fossil Q watches are easy on the eye; my eye specifically and they do a tone more than just keep track of your steps. If anyone’s wondering I clock in an average of 9,000 steps a day; turns out I’m not a lazy sloth after all. The watch has got me doing circles around my bestie to clock up my footsteps whilst waiting for our uber driver to arrive and before you ask, yes the distance to our next destination was just that little too far for us to walk but you can rest assured I’ll have my summer body ready come December.

I’ve been playing around with the watch for the last week and have found it quite intuitive to use. It’ll notify you each time you receive a notification (which can be switched off) and will even vibrate when you receive a call; making it hard to ignore people – yes, we all do it. What’s more is that you can customize the watch face to show digital/analog time or even a compass face if you have a weird tick and need to be north facing for three hours everyday. I’ve always been notorious for dressing inappropriately for the weather and this wrist candy has now turned into my personalized Tim Bailey (my fellow Aussies will understand the reference).


Fossil Q Wander Watch


Though the watches have been designed for Androids, they’re also iPhone friendly so you can breathe now. No conversions required. Now if only the watch would tell me how many calories I consume each day then I would be set. Hopefully the Fossil tech teams are reading this!

What does everybody else think about wearable tech?


Fossil Q Wander Watch