Summer Solstice with Samantha Wills

If I was ever miraculously presented with the opportunity to pick a season to perpetually live in for the rest of my life (wishful thinking never hurt anybody) – it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that
summer would be my choice in a heartbeat. Predictable, I know.



There’s something about long days with uninterrupted sunshine and being able to wear nothing but daisy dukes, bikini tops and neon painted nails that continues to surreptitiously nurture my appreciation for life around me. Topless tanned boys running into the surf with their surfboards and wetsuits; bronzed ladies with disheveled beach hair, sun-kissed faces and ice-creams in hand – summer. Hair gets lighter, the water gets warmer, drinks get colder and your skin gets darker.





“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we’re from the same star.”





I was asked to collaborate with Samantha Wills recently on her second season of eyewear to showcase my interpretation of a Summer Solstice. If I was ever shown a highlight reel of my life and happy memories – I can bet my right leg that the majority of those would have been made in summer. I read this quote somewhere that summer was not just a season but also a state of mind and even though we’re in the second month of autumn here in Australia; I still have summer vibes coursing through my veins.




Summer is symbolic to me as the rays of sun dissolve all the darkness and shadows in our lives. It symbolizes happiness, vitality and expression, which is what we’ve attempted to create in these images. Spending the day working with the sunlight at different hours was challenging to say the least but fun all the same. We utilized every minute where we had sunlight; only stopping once the sun disappeared below the horizon.



What’s your interpretation of a Summer Solstice?


Wearing: Samantha Wills Sunglasses: Drew in Rose Gold, Luxe, and Primrose in Gold Brush Glitter, Samantha Wills Jewellery including Siam Nights Necklace, Siam Nights Drop Earrings, Siam Nights Ring, Siam Nights Bracelet Set, Eastern Dream Cuff. Swimwear: by Zimmermann and Milea. White skirt by LoveShackFancy and dress by Milea.


Photography: by Matthew Neville.