Revolve Sale Picks


Considering we are only 8 days out from winter, Sydney has been uncharacteristically warm and balmy allowing for more adventurous wardrobe choices and hey; you’ll never hear me complain about warm weather – ever. I’ve got a handful of online boutiques that I have bookmarked (uh oh) and Revolve has become the go-to place to discover new brands but not compromise on the quality of product purchased. If you’re after brands whose names are too eclectic to pronounce and new wardrobe favourites that haven’t already been produced and reproduced thrice over by fast fashion retail giants such as Zara and H&M then head over to Revolve.



There must be something in the stars (literally) because the only prints I’ve been drawn to lately contain stars in some shape or form. On a recent late night troll through Revolve I came across these two starry printed dresses that I decided I needed to have in my life. Why I need to drown myself in two dresses speckled with stars remains a mystery to myself also. The first (Tularosa) reminds me a little of the Mickey Mouse outfit from Fantasia though sadly I don’t have the matching magicians hat to go with this ensemble.



The second dress (Lovers + Friends) is probably a personal favourite; it’s going into my perfect dress for Coachella pile and will remain there until I find another dress more worthy of the cause. Cool girl chic doesn’t get better than this little piece; fitted in all the right places whilst leaving elements to the imagination – such a tease right?



Luckily for you folks Revolve’s 20% sale started today (use TAKE20 at checkout) – cue happy hands emoji. I’ve discovered two labels that I’ve been obsession over these last few weeks; one being Lovers + Friends and the other Tularosa. You’ll probably end up in the same boat as me where I want everything that they stock so spend your pennies wisely kiddies.



Photo credits to Charlotte Howell and Jordan Turner (love you guys long time for helping me shoot)