MBFWA17: Sass & Bide, We Are Kindred & Macgraw

This last week has been a blur and it’s hard to imagine that I did Fashion Week last year whilst working full time at the bank. There are two main differences this year in my approach to Fashion Week; I no longer felt the need to attend every single show (or even try to) and I finally enlisted help or shall I say a savior – Ivy. We cherry picked our shows to put together backstage and runway footage for you all to get a glimpse of what really happens backstage. If you want to read about my first experience with MBFWA then read the full satirical recount here.

I’ve chosen to only recount a few shows from the week in this first post – Sass & Bide, We Are Kindred and Macgraw.

Sass & Bide MBFWA 2017SASS & BIDE

After 14 years absent from the Australian Fashion Week scene, the brand that’s known for its powerful silhouettes and embellished works of art returned to the runway with a theme inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s whimsical Casa Batllo.

“The silhouette outlines a new feminine symmetry: striking, elegant and strong.”

I think after ten plus years of being a loyal fan, my judgement may be biased and whilst I enjoyed the show and certain pieces individually the collection needed to tie in together more cohesively in my opinion. The hair and make up direction for the show was on point though. 


There’s something about the prettiness of their whimsical boho pieces that just won me over and with a Cuban bar inspired set complete with old ceiling fans, vintage wooden doors and models with traditional straw fans – need I say more?

We Are Kindred 2017 MBFWA


These ladies were my favourite show last year and hands down one of my favourites again this year. Why? Their shows are always so fun and lighthearted – how all runway shows should be. None of this resting b*tch face business that we’ve all seen over and over again, it truly was refreshing. All the models were instructed to smile and the final walk had each dancing out onto the runway. When the show opened with the legendary Nicki Minaj verse from Monster – game over because this is what you live for, they’re a mother f**king monster!

The theme of the collection was a love letter from the designers with a rebellious but preppy English girl twist. “She is an English rose, youthful and elegant, though not defined by her heritage.”

Macgraw 2017 MBFWA

Photography & Videography by Ivy Erlinger for HelenChik.com.


Helen Chik is a Sydney based fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle digital content creator and influencer sharing everything from unique style to her adventures around the world through her rainbow tinted lenses.

  • Incredible photos! Thanks for sharing =o)


  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    This is all so extraordinary! I can’t even imagine being around such amazing fashion and such a unique and compelling atmosphere! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Christine

    I absolutely love Australian designers and lately they have been killing it! They are all so amazing and talented. Sass & Bide is also one of my fav Aussie brands because they just make such incredible pieces. I love the looks at We Are Kindred as well, their flowy, floral dresses are so dreamy. The braids at Macgraw are too cute and I love the fun prints. What a treat to go to these shows and even cover some of the backstage events. xoxo, Christine

  • It’s so true – after hitting a fashion week or two hard you no longer feel the need to attend every show. I’m actually a huge fan of Sass and Bide. I’ve never heard of We Are Kindred but loving all those floral vibes! Thanks for the recap 🙂

  • Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    I never went to Fashion Week but I would sooo much:) One if my Dream:)
    The Floral/Romantic vibes from We are Kindred my Favorite:)
    And the Sass & Bide is another favorite:)
    Amazing Australian Designers:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Tuesday

  • Lisa Mao

    Oh Helen this is such a great recap of your experience for fashion week! Honestly I’ve never been but i’ve been seeing so many bloggers talk and post about their experience, it sounds truly inspiring and it must be such an amazing experience. Definitely a bucket list and goal for me!
    I’m actually so unfamiliar with both the brand Sass and Bide and We Are Kindred, but I absolutely love how they had similar themes in terms of floral/romantic/feminine vibes. McGraw had to be my favourite from them all because just look at them! I hate how models always have to be expected to glare down the runway but seeing them smile just makes it feel so much less serious and light hearted.


  • Amanda N Dustin Smith

    What an amazing recap of your experience! I love that you touched on not feeling pressured to attend every show because that can be a thing at first! I adored the BTS of the Sass & Bride show! We Are Kindred definitely resonates with me but I feel that over all, I would wear so many of these pieces from all the designers you’ve include! Also, you are so right about the Sass & Bride hair and makeup! So beautiful!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    Damn girl, you have 3 of my fave aussie designers in one post!!! I still remember that I grow up wearing Sass & Bide clothing at uni times. So much memories. Too bad that I can hard purchase those labels overseas. So lucky of you get to see their fashion shows! #jealous!

    xx, Jessie

  • Candace

    Out of all the collections you showed, We Are Kindred is definitely my favorite! I just love the loose, flowy designs and the floral patterns. You already know I’m a fan of the cold shoulders too. What a perfect summer collection!


  • Natalia Kopocinski

    I love video at the end
    I really felt like I was there and it was really cool to watch you getting your make up done how cool is that.
    I’ve Been a big fan of Sass & Bide over the years and I think that Australian designers do some amazing work that’s quite unique.
    Natalia k

  • @queenhorsfall

    wow U loved the collection. Very feminine and fresh. I always dreamed to visit Australia Fashion Week, but the flight from USA is quite tough. Hope one day we can live in Australia. I have been trying to learn the market in your home country and would love to hear about younger designers. Loved the video by Ivy 😉


  • I’m always very picky when it comes to Fashion Week, so I try to attend only those shows that I’m sure will be great. Attending every single show is a pure madness and it’s so exhausting. And normally everything magical happens behind the scenes, so sometimes it’s better to visit the backstage than the show itself, haha.
    I love all you pickups, but OMG MACGRAW is my favourite! All that mixture of bright and a bit kitschy pieces! And at the same time so elegant. I fell in love with it! I’ve never been to Australia, but I would love to visit it one day and probably attend a Fashion Week there, haha! Great post, girl!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com


    Great FW event thank you to share this brands. I never heard them before. Love WE ARE KINDRED so romantic and MACGRAW beautiful structured elements.

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    I’m glad I got to knew more of Australian fashion as I’m ashamed to admit I’ve only ever heard of Sass & Bide before. That’s something that’s going to change in a few weeks though as Australia is the guest designer nation at Pitti Uomo in Florence that I’m attending and I can’t wait to discover all the amazing brands I know you have there down under! Also cutting down on shows for FW is quite wise. As I’m attending 5 FW in a row starting exactly a week from now I think I’ll have to skip the “attend every show” hassle and stick to the good ones. 🙂


  • jacqueline

    I’m so jealous. I love we are kindred and want everything from their line. So glad you got to go to fashion week and picked out what shoes you really wanted to go to! I was thinking of going this year but most likely will have to wait til next year

  • Jessica

    First, I agree that there is so much to manage during FW that being selective about the shows to go to is a must. And second, I would say I am partial to the whimsical and very feminine style of We Are Kindred. I love their colors this year and any Cuban inspired bar sounds like so much fun! xo, Jessica

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