European Holiday Wardrobe Basics

I’m sure we’ve all got friends who have been posting photos all over Facebook and Instagram of them living large in Europe this winter. Actually, I was probably one of those really annoying people (sorry, not sorry) and I’m now planning another quick trip to Europe again! #ToughLife

After my last trip, the first question that’s come to everyone’s minds is… how much do you pack when you travel. The short answer is… lots. The long answer is… lots. Truth is, I love getting dressed up when I travel and I usually have a whole wardrobe planned for every destination I visit. Of course, I like to pack things that can easily be mixed for different looks but there’s a certain theme that I like to stick to for every trip.

If you’re yet to head over to Europe then I’ve got you covered with a few outfit ideas for each major city that everyone seems to be heading to this Summer!


When in Rome

There’s something about the heat in Italy that’s different to anywhere else in Europe – don’t ask me what I mean because I can’t articulate it. You’ll just understand when you get there. Here is what I suggest you pack:

  1. A catch-all tote – check out the selection here and the one featured above can be shopped here.
  2. Bright summer dresses – (ginghams, florals and stripes) – I’ve narrowed down a selection here and featured can be found here.
  3. Espadrilles for every occasion here and the pair featured can be found here.
  4. White summer shades – here and here.
  5. A little wrist, neck and ear candy to top off. A full selection here.

Love in Paris

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of the locals in Paris, I still love the city. After all, it’s not known as the city of love for nothing. So dress romantically and channel the femininity inside you. Here’s what you should pack:

  1. A stylish and trendy bag – there are plenty from Cult Gaia and she’s got some new styles here and this one’s available here.
  2. Cute red dresses because you’re in Paris after all. Shop a selection here and the one featured here.
  3. Versatile slides – there’s so many to choose from here and these are available here.


Because no European trip would be complete without a stop in the Greek Islands… I guess none of my European trips are complete because I still haven’t been! Can you believe it?! Based on the barrage of images I see on Instagram – this is what I imagine you should be packing for those picture perfect panoramas:

  1. Relaxed trousers for every occasion – check out some awesome picks here and the one’s featured are here.
  2. Girl next door cute white tops – too many to choose from here and my pick is here.
  3. Plain jane sandals here and straw bags here.

Last but not least… pictures…. or it didn’t happen!

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