Australian Cult Status Jewellery Brands You Need to Know About

When it comes to putting together a decent and respectable outfit – it often boils down to the accessorizing that makes or breaks the overall look. Even if you were wearing an all black suit or a little black dress; having a statement pair of gold earrings can instantly elevate your look from lacklustre to sophisticated. Heck you could layer five sparkly necklaces over the oldest and worn tee and you go from being a dag to being fancy. Though there is a fine line because you don’t want to end up looking like a Christmas tree. Cult status jewellery brands you need to know about


“Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear.”Iris Apfel


I’ve been on a mission these last few months to upgrade my jewellery game and came across these Australian jewellery brands that have earned themselves cult status amongst the fashion glitterati. If you haven’t stumbled across them already adorned on your favourite bloggers and editors then here is the run down of the Australian cult status jewellery brands you need to know about.

I never realised how much local talent we had until I came across some of these brands in small boutiques in Sydney. So if you’ve found yourself raiding your jewellery box and not able to find anything that goes with your everyday looks then you need to keep reading.


Australian Cult Status Jewellery Brands You Need to Know About


Valere JewellerySamantha Lowe’s designs and creations are bold and demand attention to anyone who wears her pieces. An accidental find in a boutique one day whilst killing time before my hair appointment and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. The designs are ornate and opulent – for those who like their accessories to do the talking then Valére will have you drooling over her pieces. Femininity

The literal meaning of Valére is to be of worth and believe me, when you hold one of these pieces in your hand, you’ll instantly notice the quality and workmanship behind the brand. You’ll look at some pieces and think they may be heavy but in my opinion – the pieces are weight perfectly to their design. You can never go wrong with a pair of Valere’s shoulder-grazing unabashedly bold earrings.


“I truly believe that jewellery is one of the most romantic things a woman can wear, so I created VALÉRE with the intention to bring lasting romance to life” – Samantha Lowe, Owner & Designer


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If you want timeless vintage looking accessories that virtually go with everything then you can’t really go wrong with Reliquia. I first saw one of their scultural pieces on Eleanor Pendleton and was intrigued by what else they had to offer. I jumped online to find that everything is not only incredibly affordable but there is something for everyone to fawn over.

Derived from the word ‘relic’ and Spanish term for family heirloom – these pieces are so easy to wear everyday that I’ve been wearing my star sign necklace for months and haven’t taken it off! The quality behind each piece is what is impressive because I literally wear mine in the shower and swim with it on (pool and ocean) and it still looks untarnished after two months.

Reliquia Jewellery


“Reliquia is based on the idea of jewellery that you can wear every day and easily not take off for months at a time.” – Designer


Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan - Cult Jewellery Brands to FollowHolly Ryan is a brand that can be described as both the epitome of style and uniqueness with a point of difference of pushing boundaries that sets itself apart from other designers. Her signature pieces has been adorned and praised by countless fashionistas throughout the years since its launch in 2011 including Sara Donaldson, Margaret Zhang, Brooke Testoni and many more.

The designs are all handcrafted with the intent of creating classic pieces that seamlessly blend into your everyday rotation but with a contemporary and geometric twist. On top of all this, all of the metals are sourced within Australia and are recycled for the ethically conscious fashion girl.


“My appreciation for simplicity, timeless design and quality construction resonates with people who are looking for pieces which last, are handmade and will give a chic, instant update to any outfit.” – Holly Ryan, Owner & Designer


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Brie Leon

Brie Leon JewelleryWhat started in 2014 as an online boutique for fast fashion has evolved now to offering a selection of staple pieces of jewellery that are vintage inspired and can easily be worked into your everyday style. The idea behind each piece is that whilst they’re distinctive you’ll be able to treasure them season after season – timelessness with a twist.

This was another one of my finds from randomly stumbling into a boutique and instantly being drawn to the vintage with a twist aesthetic. In fact, I had a pair of hoops that was on such high rotation that even my partner noticed and if we know our men (which of course we do), they don’t usually pay attention to these things.


“Our ethos revolves around having a connection with each piece that we sell, and each person we sell to.”  Janine Zafra, Owner


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Petite Grand JewelleryPetite Grand

Originally an accessories buyer with 15 years under her belt, Tanja Kovacevic launched her dainty jewellery line with the aim of creating pieces that exude quiet and understated luxury. Her pieces scream discreetness and elegance that creates a relationship that is only evident to the wearer – creating an emotional and resilient connection.

These are pieces that will always make someone do a double take because of its subtlety and its ability to exude a quiet kind of luxury.


“Petite for the small, delicate aspect of the jewellery; grand because even the smallest thing can still be very grand.” Tanja Kovacevic, Owner & Designer


Dinosaur Designs

Recognized for their colourfully chunky resin pieces, the designers behind eponymous Australian label Dinosaur Designs has expanded the brand’s offering to delicate pieces whilst still maintaining their individuality. Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy have done a remarkable job of creating a diffusion line of pieces that are both unobtrusive whilst maintaining quiet confidence.

I had no idea they offered such delicate pieces until the stylist at the Chinese New Year Woolmark shoot I did in 2016 pulled out a few of their pieces. Needless to say I was loving what I saw and the fact that I hadn’t seen anything like it in the market. Of course if you like a dash of colour then you need to see their collection of resin because it doesn’t get better than what they have to offer folks!


Dinosaur Designs Jewellery

Who are your favourite jewellery designers/brands?


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