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my birthing experience

My Birthing Experience

It’s been just over a week since I went into labour and we’ve survived our first few nights at home with our little menace – Jacob. I’m not going to lie but the last week has been a complete blur but has also felt like a lifetime for some reason. I wanted to share my…

Married & New Parents Helen Chik Chris Turner

Married & New Parents in Ten Days

We got married last Monday. I know what you’re thinking… where on earth did this come from and when was there even an engagement announcement? This will singlehandedly be the most life-changing fortnight of our lives with our nuptials followed closely by the D-Day of our baby boy. I’ve finally got a finish line in…

SVT During Pregnancy

My SVT Episode During Pregnancy

I had my first emergency room visit this week and I know what you’re thinking – no, Baby Jacob hasn’t graced us with his presence yet. As much as I wish he would come out right now; I thought I’d share with you what happened because after reading several baby forums this is a common…

Pregnancy Journey

My Pregnancy Journey So Far

Finding out three days before a six-week adventure abroad that I was pregnant certainly threw a spanner in the works for our plans for the foreseeable future. Imagine the expression on my face when I stood in the shower one Saturday morning to see those two red lines. I’m still not quite sure I can…