Summer Roadtrip to Ocean Farm

Ocean FarmPicture unspoiled hilly grasslands with the occasional herd of cows overlooking an infinite ocean skyline and now throw in an infinite pool amidst this postcard perfect bliss and you have the best coastal getaway property you’ll ever stay at – Ocean Farm. I assembled my crew of miscreants on a recent road trip to the property and spent three nights of bliss on the property that can only be described as a haven for us “grammers”. The property is a 25-minute drive from Wollongong and a five-minute drive from Kiama; a reasonable distance for this glimpse of bliss if you’re after a quick getaway but don’t want to hop on a 10 hour plane ride to the tropics.


Sunglass Hut March 11

Breakfast Bircher, Sperry, Kenzo x HM

Ocean Farm Interior

The #OFSquad consisted of my best friend Arrnott (Rogue Homme), Jordan aka DJ JT (Mr Turner), Chris our pink headed v-logger and photographer (Seakyu) and Anna Banana who was introduced to the vexing universe of blogging where everything needs to be documented on five different cameras.

Ocean Farm Picnic

We clearly had our priorities straight as our first task was to inflate my arsenal of pool inflatables and making the rookie error of not packing an air pump meant we spent the first hour losing our breaths to a delirium from inhaling plastic fumes. All I have to say is that it was worth it. Imagine walking into your dream holiday house complete with huge living room, open plan kitchen and lounging space with direct views of that expansive backyard at your disposal. The infinite pool speaks for itself as well as the deck complete with perfect lounges for relaxing. Did I also mention that the place had a loft complete with table tennis, fusball and entertainment units? Chris and I discovered that we were the worst Asians ever as we played the worlds worst game of table tennis that lasted less than ten seconds – I sh*t you not.

Ocean Farm Mr Turner

Ocean Farm Picnic

The owners have literally thought of everything (sans air pump) that you could possibly need in the house; sound system that includes speakers outside (hallelujah), outdoor BBQ area and board games. Each room has it’s own private bathroom and views of the ocean. I could go on for days about the beauty of the property but the best way to show you all is visually. Enjoy the pictures and many thanks to the lovely Drew for hosting us on this stay! So if you’re looking to stay at Ocean Farm this summer then get your hit of inspiration here.

Ocean Farm

Ocean Farm Mr Turner

Ocean Farm Sunny Life Pool Floats