Sunglass Hut: #ShadesOfYou

Sunglass Hut Shades of You, Milea Resort, W BangkokIf anyone ever asked me for an accessory that I just can’t live without in my life it would without a doubt be my sunglasses, or my many pairs to be more accurate. My partner takes it that step further and wears his shades even on overcast days – yep, he’s that person. Sunglasses are the perfect substitutes when you want to look like you’ve put effort into your look but really you haven’t. I often find myself cheating on my morning make up routine and swapping my shades for my cosmetics bag and quite frankly my skin thanks me for it, especially in the summer.


Summer is without a doubt my favorite season and it’s even better for us Aussies because it happens during Christmas and New Years, followed shortly by Australia Day. The days are longer and taking evening strolls along the coast with my man and two adopted kids (they’re whippets – I don’t actually have kids) is something I look forward to all week. Even during these casual strolls, having the perfect pair of shades is important and I know people have asked me to show case my collection but there are just too many.


Instead I’ve curated the perfect collection of shades this summer courtesy of Sunglass Hut and showcasing #ShadesOfYou. I tend to opt for shades that are wearable with almost every outfit you wear from casual to more formal. You may have seen these bad boys stapled to my face this season (check them out here) because they go with everything. Rayban definitely has the sunglass category covered for affordable, wearable and stylish and Sunglass Hut is the place to go for a playground of options. Funnily enough my first job straight out of high school was with Sunglass Hut and I used my first pay (and then some) on new shades and invested in Raybans.


I’ve also chosen to update my collection with a fashion piece and thought this pair of Miu Miu’s was a perfect addition for the more farshun appropriate moments. Hello Fashion Week! They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I beg to differ – sunglasses are.


What are your favorite shades for the season?