How to Bag Yourself a Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

I’ve had many questions on where and how I managed to get my hands on not just one, but two of the most coveted bags of the year. I decided to do a post on my experience in bagging, excuse the pun, my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Here’s how I did it. 


ONE: The first thing you need to have is commitment and gumption; that is something I definitely had. Oh I was committed all right; so much so that because I knew the re-stock date (follow them on Instagram to find this out) but had no clue what time; rather than risk missing out, I diligently set my alarm every hour on the hour that entire night. Each hour I would drearily wake up and refresh my browser that was already set to their website. Evidently they restocked at 6am in the morning when I normally wake up for work anyway. Was I exhausted turning up at work that day? Yes. Was it worth it? 100%.  


TWO: Have the browser already set and create an account with all of your details already pre-filled to save yourself the stress of entering this all in a mad flurry. If you already have a Paypal account, you’re halfway there.


THREE: Decide exactly which style you want before they release, because chances are whilst you’re dawdling ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about whether to get the tan or black, your color is being snapped up by someone else halfway across the world (someone like me, jokes).


FOUR: Here’s something that some may not know, but if you plan on buying more than one (like myself) purchase them in two separate transactions. Why? Isn’t that more work? Yes, but it’ll save you $100 in shipping costs. This is a total anomaly for me because it costs roughly $50 to ship one, but $200 to ship two. You do the math as to why I’m suggesting this point.


I hope this all helps you and good luck with the re-stock on March 15’. Happy hunting and may the odds be ever in your favor kids.