Hotel Hopping with Ovolo Group in Hong Kong

Ovolo Southside HotelI know you’ve all noticed that I’ve been spending a lot of time in Hong Kong as of late – it’s almost becoming a second home to me with my second family quickly growing in the city (you know who you are). In just two short trips to the concrete jungle, I’ve met such a diverse mix of people from all walks of life that have their own story to tell. Most who come to Hong Kong for short secondments find themselves still immersed in the city decades later and swear it felt like yesterday that they moved to the bustling city that never sleeps.


I don’t think I’ve ever been to a city where I’ve settled into the rhythm with such ease. They’ve really got their sh*t together and everything runs with efficiency and ease – a real bonus when you have someone as obsessive compulsive as myself and need everything to be easily accessible. I’m going to share with you my experiences in Hong Kong over the next few months and will be uploading video diaries as I come around to editing them.


Ovolo Group was kind enough to allow me the pleasure to go hotel hopping within their various properties around Hong Kong during my 10-day stay. As you know I have previously stayed in their 1888 property in Sydney (check the post out here) in the 007 suite; complete with private rock star entrance – cue I’m a Diva music.


Ovolo Hong Kong


Ovolo Noho

Location wise this property is right between Sheung Wan and Central on Queens Road Central, which I’ve been using as my guiding star to getting my bearings in the city. You’re a two-minute walk from Sheung Wan station or a 10-minute walk from Central station. If you walk up a fairly steep flight of stairs or hill, you’ll come across many small streets flooded with charming little bars and restaurants from all over the world. The property is compact as is with the rest of the city; its perfect for short business trips where accessibility, functionality and comfort are prerequisites.


Ovolo Bathrooms

Ovolo Central

Probably the most conveniently located if you’re in town to experience the night life in the city as you are literally up the hill from the busiest street in Hong Kong that comes alive after dark – Lan Kwai Fung aka LKF. Don’t be expecting anything flash because I’d describe the street as the equivalent to that of Bangla Road, Patong – mayhem laced with debauchery. You’re perfectly placed for a cheeky drink at my favourite gin bar Origin that could have you rolling into your bed in the wee hours of the morning – guilty. I was treated with a Shiny Queen room and was spoilt for space with the large bathroom and office set up.

As with their Australian properties, all the perks of free minibar and happy hour drinks in the lobby are still available – winning. The properties also all have gyms (though quite compact) should you wish to squeeze an early morning workout like I did during my first few mornings of jetlag. What I’ve been most happy with on all the properties is the bathrooms (yes I’m weird) – I know I’ve said this before but my non-negotiables with hotels is having a clean and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. The bathroom is a sacred place for girls (I’m sure it is for guys too but for vastly different and probably unglamorous reasons haha) and Ovolo’s bathrooms never disappoint.


Ovolo Southside


Ovolo Southside

The newest property to be added to the portfolio and the coolest looking in my opinion as the building is a converted warehouse that still holds its raw and industrial charm. The property is a little out of the way in terms of the main city hustle and bustle though it also has its perks when it comes to Hong Kong when you need to escape the chaos. The construction of the new Wong Chuk Hang MTR station (due to be complete in 2017) will make transportation a lot easier to the property but for the moment the easiest is to take a cab to Causeway Bay that is located directly on the other side of the mountain and making your way from there.

Ovolo Southside View


The most spacious of the properties that I stayed at meant that I had a gorgeous lounge area and a view of the tennis courts located just behind the hotel from my long loft. The property also boasts a cute rooftop terrace overlooking the mountain and Ocean Park chairlifts – perfect for a sunny afternoon vino. Thankfully I had the lovely Horace to assist me with photography duties and can proudly add this to his resume of hidden talents.


If you’re looking to visit Hong Kong/Sydney/Melbourne over the next few months then check out Ovolo’s respective properties in each city. The team have been kind enough to provide a discount code “CH1KxOVOLO” which can be used to receive 15% off your next stay on the property for my readers so if you’re planning New Years Eve in Hong Kong then I would get in early and book!


Ovolo Southside Hong Kong View

Ovolo Southside Hong Kong

Ovolo Group has hosted this stay, but opinions will forever remain my own.