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Apollo Bay
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Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay


I have spent the better part of the last month buried behind my laptop screen and quite potentially worsening the situation with my eyes as at hand but it was all worth it. Finally I am ready and so ecstatic to introduce you to my new website. This isn’t a joke but my husband threatened to divorce me if I didn’t re-emerge from the digital realms of blogging. Truth be told; I did neglect him for nearly a month but never fear I’ve returned to him albeit slightly blinder.


In all seriousness, in this day and age where stringing three completely unrelated words together and slapping a dotcom behind it would give you someone’s website either complete or under construction. I was incredibly lucky as when the time came for me to choose a new domain you can imagine the conundrum I was in. Where every permutation with the word ‘fashion’, ‘style’ or ‘trend’ had been taken, it became a matter of personalizing the name. What better way of branding yourself then with your own name. Of course, was taken (I wasn’t that lucky) so I thought CH1K was quite an appropriate compromise. Lo and behold, here we are today.


I was working on the website one night and had to give the ‘trusty’ hosts of my domain a call; after 12 minutes of bad elevator music and wanting to tear my ears off I finally got through to someone. Whilst walking a technologically challenged dinosaur like myself through the process of migrating blogs, I was congratulated by a young fellow on bagging a 4-letter domain and a dotcom for that matter. He sounded genuinely impressed that four letter domains were still available and said that he could really see potential with the brand. True story. Now to kick off my metaphorical heels and relax. Yeah right.


What has everybody else’s experience been in trying to find the perfect name for their blog?


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