Culottes: Yay or Nay?

I’m not sure if anybody has picked up recently that I’ve developed a serious love for culottes. I know the jury is out when it comes to whether or not they’re ‘fashionable’ but in my eyes you just can’t go wrong.


I wouldn’t say culottes are for every woman and body type; but if you style it right, you’re left with a really refined Parisian look. If you’re not a 6 foot catwalk model, I wouldn’t suggest wearing culottes with flats. Try and wear heels where you can to complete the silhouette but if you’re naturally a tall girl then by all means change up your look and add a pair of sneakers. Unfortunately, whilst I am tall for a girl of Asian descent, I’m not THAT tall.


I’ve paired my culottes with a beauty I picked up from Zara a while back, a simple cami and a printed scarf to complete my look.


What are everyone else’s thoughts on culottes? Yay or Nay?


Outfit: Pants – Asos, Top – Zara, Scarf – Hermes, Boots – Michael Kors