Colour Me Bronze

Balenciaga Heels
Bronze Flared Pants
Celine Clutch Hermes Bangle
McQ Bronze Trousers
McQ Bronze Trousers

It’s been a while since I purchased trousers that were as wide as these. Something about the bronze linen that I just couldn’t go past and found myself repeatedly adding it to my shopping cart each day but never going through with the purchase until one day I succumbed to the impulse.


I bought this pair of Balenciaga heels whilst I was in Italy in summer 13’ and I still haven’t found the time to wear them. Let me tell you, they are ridiculously high and they definitely are as hard to walk in, as they are to put on. It’s probably why I have buried them for such a long time. That said, they are stunning and make you feel like a supermodel. No pain, no gain right?


These are part of the first round of photos taken by the new camera, what does everyone think?


Outfit: Pants – McQ Alexander McQueen, Shirt – Acne, Heels – Balenciaga, Clutch – Celine, Necklace – THP, Cuff – Hermes