2015 Reflection

A lot has happened to me this last year and although I don’t tend to share too many aspects of my personal life with the world I feel that with a New Year looming just around the corner – it’s time for some self reflection.



I started the year with this site and a goal of kicking off my social media presence; namely Instagram and set myself the modest goal of reaching 20,000 followers by year-end. Here I am sitting at my local nail spa in awe that I am only a breath away from 50,000 after starting with less than 100 in January (mind you they were all friends and family). To say that I am ecstatic and incredibly grateful wouldn’t be enough and with that said – I want to thank all my loyal readers and followers for the continued support.


I’ve been given the opportunity to work with some incredible companies and have travelled so much more than I had originally intended. Thank you to Sony Australia for the incredible opportunity of testing your products and sending me not once, but twice to the Whitsundays. Thank you to the Peninsula Hotels for being so generous during my short trip to Hong Kong. Thank you to the Woolmark Company for the opportunity of an exciting collaboration to be revealed in 2016. Lastly – a big and ginormous thank you to the guys at Yacht Week for having me in Thailand over Christmas with a group of incredibly talented ladies.



Love & Family

This last year has helped me realize how important it is to communicate with your family – something I have always found difficult and neglected to do in the past. For those with Asian parents, you’ll understand where I’m coming from with this; whilst your family will always have your best interests at heart – what you want is often lost in translation. It’s not a process that’s happened overnight and I’m still working on it but their support throughout this turbulent year has been unwavering and for that I am eternally thankful for.


Now here’s something personal that I haven’t shared publicly though I suspect there have been speculations on my romantic life. I married young and fairly recently, we made the decision to part ways. It was short lived but nonetheless a valuable life lesson learnt and a period of my life that I will never forget. If there is one thing I have taken away from 2015; it’s to always listen to your heart. To the man I once loved and spent the last two and a half years with, though we can no longer share this together – I wish you all the happiness in the world and will continue to cherish the moments we had together.



To the four ladies that have carried me throughout high school until this day – I love you all. You’ve seen me soaring above the clouds at my highs and dug me out from the gravel during my lows. I’ve also made some incredible friends this year – ones that I feel like I’ve known for years but have only known for a few months.


With that all said, I am excited to be welcoming 2016 and the adventures that lie ahead for me. My resolutions are yet to be set but for a start my first resolution is to keep a diary – one of the ‘a sentence a day’ diaries.

What are your 2016 resolutions? xx


Photo Credit: Arron Photo